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#3604: Ah, quintessential Heinlein.

Theodore Sturgeon once wrote a letter to Heinlein complaining of writer's block. Heinlein wrote back, and that letter is reproduced at that link.

Money quote: "Science explains nothing. It merely formulates observed data."

...which is in the middle of a Heinlein-esque essay mulling story ideas. Reportedly, there was a $100 check paperclipped to the letter.

Heinlein was made of class.

* * *

This is one of those stories where I just cannot seem to get enough of a handle on it to give it the disdain it deserves.

Short form: Afghani men don't know how to have sex with women such that the women will get pregnant.


...they don't know because they--as boys--are used as sexual playthings by older men, and when they get married they simply do what they did before, only to their wives instead of other men.

And of course no pregnancy occurs because the anus is an output-only port, you goddamned savages.

* * *

This will last only so long as the federal government allows it to.
The cash-upfront trend raises an uncomfortable question. Can [ObamaCare], intended to widen access to health care, succeed by expanding insurance coverage if primary-care doctors are walking away from insurance?
It can if the government outlaws direct cash payment for services. And don't you worry: if this kind of thing becomes prevalent enough, it will.

For the moment, ObamaCare does not make it illegal to pay cash for medical treatment. This is good for me, since my medical insurance has a $5,000 deductible; instead of getting billed for $200 after the bill is submitted to the insurer four times, I can pay the doc $90 at the end of the visit, and everyone's happy. Sure, it doesn't apply towards my deductible, but the deductible is so high it doesn't really make a damned bit of difference.

Back in 1993, HillaryCare sought to emplace an outright ban on such things. If you went to see a doctor under HillaryCare you would have been required by law to submit the charges to your insurer--which was the federal government--and if you paid the doctor cash you risked jail time. The doctor, of course, risked losing his license to practice medicine as well as jail time.

...and this will come soon enough under ObamaCare, don't you worry.

* * *

Yesterday was supposed to be a Lemonzen-mandated day of rest for me, but it didn't work out that way. So maybe today I can manage that; we'll see.

I do have things to do, things I want to get done, but it took a full tab of Xanax last night to get me to sleep and right now I feel kind of floppy. And there's nothing pressing that must be done, so if I can go lay down for a while and get some more sleep, I think that'll help.

Having gotten as much sleep as I did helped immeasurably, though.

* * *

When I go to the Start menu and hover my mouse pointer over "Documents" under the "Documents" option, it says, "Contains letters, reports, and other documents and files." If the tooltip were truly contextual, it would probably say something like, "Contains pictures of anime babes (some of which border on pornographic), idiotic bloviations, hack writing, and other expressions of egregious nerdery."

I guess I should be glad Windows isn't that smart.

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