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#3606: My hat's off to the folks who actually watched the debate last night.

The one between Romney and Romney. Err, Obama and Obama. Wait, I'll get it--

I could not have watched it even if I'd wanted to, because I had anything else to do and my time was better spent on whatever it was than watching a debate between two candidates I am not voting for.

But according to just about everyone, Romney mopped the floor with Obama. This makes perfect sense when you consider that Obama cannot function without a teleprompter and spent more time golfing than working on preparing for the debate.

Michelle Malkin says Romney owned Obama.

Doug Powers talks about Chris Matthews not getting any leg tingles. The press has been all-in for Obama since he came on the national stage in 2004 (and the Illinois press has been all-in for him much longer than that) and they are egregiously butthurt this morning that Obama didn't deliver.

Problem is, Obama has had four years of the press treating him with kid gloves. He's been insulated from hard questions and from having to think on his feet, and in the meantime he's also been surrounded by yes-men while being hyped and glandhanded as the smartest man in politics, maybe ever. (Which is most assuredly not true.)

Who wouldn't get a big head from that? ...which is why he was confident (overly so, as it turns out) he didn't need to do much preparation for the debate. Why, ol' slammin' Barry-O can take anyone in a televised debate, especially when it's moderated by a dessicated leftie like Jim Lehrer! The press never says a bad word about him, so if he makes a mistake or two they won't talk about it.

But in a Presidential debate, the usual rules don't apply. Your opponent doesn't have to agree with you and doesn't necessarily proceed from the same assumptions you do. (It is probably necessary--though it should not be--to tell you that your opinions and assumptions are not natural law.) Your opponent isn't there to seek your approval; he's there because he wants your job, and there's nothing you can do to him for hurting your feelings or challenging your narcissistic self-image.

Alan Caruba paraphrases John McCain: "If it was a boxing match, the referee would have stopped it in an early round."

Borepatch also discusses the debate from the same perspective I am: someone who didn't watch but read what others have said.

* * *

Well, I got an e-mail this morning saying that the tires have shipped, and should be here tomorrow. That means I get to take the wheels off the bike and take them, tires, and tubes to the Yamaha dealership for mounting and balancing.

I don't know how long it's been since I took the dirt bike's cylinder in for boring and honing, but it's still not done--hopefully they can get the tires done faster than that.

So I go to Googe to see if there's another motorcycle dealership in reasonable driving distance, and there's actually an entry for the Harley-Davidson dealership in Crete that went out of business lo these many years ago. For yucks I click on the link:

...and for some reason I have trouble believing this actually has anything to do with a business in Crete. I don't know why.

ADDENDUM: So I used Googe translate to render it into something approximating English:


And who could forget this lovely quote?
Thanks to this text, also was able to learn the art of English to understand English, and it was a happy outcome. The fact that the head is in English, but I had a hard time in the very difficult, head has been switched to English in this one book.
There is also a book of memories, it is recommended that materials unforgettable.
Words to live by!

Unfortunately none of this helps me get new tires on my motorcycle. Even if the motorcycle is Japanese. *sigh*

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