atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3610: Tires are here!

Everything's right and I'm going to go out to the garage to work on the bike in a bit. All I'm going to do is remove the wheels from the motorcycle, so tomorrow morning I can take them to the shop to get the new tires installed and balanced.

While I was waiting for UPS (they showed up right at 5:30, as usual) I was looking at Rockauto's site for Fiero distributor O-rings. They're $0.49 each; shipping costs more--I'm getting two.

Then I looked at shock absorbers for the Jeep.

If I go with AC Delco shocks, they're $18 each, or $72 for four. If I buy four Monroe Sensatracs (my preferred brand) it's a total of $81.58 after a rebate, because it's "3 for the price of 4" time. (Plus shipping and tax and whatev.)

This is considerably less than I was expecting. I was thinking it'd be $200 easy for shock absorbers. Well, it probably would be, if I bought them from a parts store.

So now I've got to think about this, because I might as well order the o-rings at the same time I order the shocks...and it's too good a deal to pass up. And this coming week would be the best time to do the shocks on the Jeep since I'm not going to feel much like doing it after I start working.

So I must cogitate now.

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