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#3613: Sleeping like a stone.

Yeasterday I went for fourteen hours on five hours of sleep.

There was simply no point in trying to sleep more. At 10:30 I got up to take the bike wheels to the Yamaha dealership for tire replacement, and when I was told they'd be ready by 3 I realized there was no point to taking a nap.

I had other little chores to do, so I did them; and after I got the wheels back of course I wanted to install them and ride the bike. Then it was dinnertime. the time Lemonzen and I had our usual "goodnight" phone call around midnight, I was just about done.

So I woke up at 8 AM this morning, thought, "It's Communion Sunday," and then thought, "I had Communion this month already."

(I did, at the last session of Bible study. We're done with that book and we're taking a three-week break before we start another one.)

Turned off the alarm clock--which had not actually gone off--got up long enough to feed the cats, and then went back to sleep.

And even right now that sounds like a fine idea. But, "Miles to go before I sleep" and all that.

* * *

Alan Caruba compares an EPA research study to Nazis gassing Jews.

Research on human subjects has been very, very carefully controlled in the wake of WW2, because the Nazis had done some pretty horrific medical experiments on Jews in concentration camps.

So: the EPA says that there is no safe minimum level for exposure to fine particulate matter...and then it runs a study where participants are paid $12 an hour for volunteering themselves to be exposed to fine particulate matter. Said study is meant to collect data to support their desire to reduce the allowable limits for soot emissions by 3 micrograms per cubic meter, from 15 to 12.

Jeese louise.

* * *

Elizabeth Scalia has a story up which demonstrates how socialism reduces all participants to the same low level.

...of course the people running the socialism are not "participants" and don't have to suffer like the proles do.

* * *

The left is now saying that losing the debate with Romney was not Obama's fault, because during the practice sessions, John Kerry didn't "challenge" Obama. Apparently John Kerry wants Hillary's job (Secretary of State) and therefore didn't want to get all up in the Narcissist in Chief's grill. Because if you make a narcissist look bad, he hates you.

...well, Kerry's probably not going to be Secretary of State now, even if Obama wins the election.

I know what Kerry was thinking, though. "Of course Obama will mop the floor with Romney, so all I have to do is provide token opposition. Obama will owe me a favor after he demolishes Romney in the debate!" I don't know how intelligent John Kerry is--though by default my estimation is not flattering--but I do know he's an opportunistic and clever little fucker.

Example of "clever": throwing someone else's Vietnam medals over the White House fence to establish his anti-war bona fides. This way, he kept his medals (for when the tide inevitably turned and Vietnam vets were no longer spat upon) and still got the vote boost from the antiwar left for standing up to the man. (Who, at the time, was Richard Nixon.)

Example of "opportunistic": marrying two extremely rich women in succession.

You don't need to have raw intelligence to be a politician; in fact, most of the time real brains are a serious detriment. But you need to be clever--have the quality sometimes referred to as "street smarts"--because a true doofus can't get elected to national office.

...wait. Obama. Okay, most of the time a true doofus can't get elected to national office.

* * *

Too bad.

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