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#3619: Scratch an environmentalist and you see the dictator underneath.

"What people don’t understand is sometimes we have to step outside the boundaries of the Constitution to get things done."

This is an attitude shared by many powerful people in history. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin....

Debate on any subject is anathema to the left because when the facts are presented without spin, they lose. Abortion-as-contraception was legalized by judicial fiat because they could not win any other way; legislative measures were defeated every time.

* * *

Obama's poll numbers suck, so now it ought to be illegal to publish them. This from an alleged "journalist", whose first and foremost desire should always be freedom of expression. Think about it: here's a person whose bread and butter is the unimpeded flow of information, and he's asking for censorship. Demanding it.

...demonstrating that this guy isn't a journalist of any stripe but a political hack working for the Democrat party.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Chicago Democrat machine is going to have gun control, one way or another. Cook County wants to emplace a tax on guns and ammunition--they call it the "violence tax"--in order to close a budget shortfall.

How much? Well, in 2007 they wanted a tax of $0.10 per bullet. So that box of 550 rounds of .22LR--instead of costing maybe $20--will cost seventy-five dollars. They even thought of charging $0.50 per bullet, making that box cost three hundred and twenty-five dollars.

The article is chock-full of information on what it costs Chicago to treat the victims of gun violence, without making so much as one comment about why Chicago is such a festering shithole of crime and violence in the first place. Hint: it is not because the Supreme Court struck down their laws banning private ownership of guns.

* * *

And speaking of the festering shithole inner cities, exactly as I predicted we are being promised riots if Obama does not win.

I knew this would happen; I just knew it. The same way I knew the official unemployment figures would be below 8% before November, I knew there would be promises of violence if Obama was not re-elected.

I'm not psychic. I don't have a crystal ball or a time machine (if I did, I'd already be so damned rich...). What I do have is a brain. I can look at how the left does things, how it's done them in the past, and look at present circumstances and come to a reasonable conclusion. That's all it takes to predict what these assholes will do, because their playbook has not changed in over a hundred years and they do the same things every time.

* * *

The Obama UAW bailout is in jeopardy because--despite his best efforts--there is still an enormous amount of case law in US jurisprudence which says a contract is inviolate.

Yes, a court can rule to vacate a contract; it happens all the time. But that's not what happened in the case of Obama's UAW bailout. No, GM's creditors were simply raped by an executive decision. So they sued. And?

"Even if the trial doesn’t come down to a redo of the entire 2009 restructuring deal, GM could be forced to come up with $1 billion or more to compensate the unsecured creditors."

* * *

Japanese nationalism is on the rise now. With China making noises about wanting those islands that are nominally Japan's, Japan is naturally starting to get its back up.

Worldwide economic depression leads to war. What a surprise.

* * *

Two from Karl Denninger:

The Obama administration is now claiming that it didn't say the Benghazi attack was the result of a protest over an obscure YouTube video.
...[W]hat's worse is that it has now been discovered that these missions had repeatedly asked for more and better security as they had reason to believe there was a problem brewing with these extremists and they were the potential targets of attack. This request was apparently repeatedly rebuffed, and then of course the beliefs proved to be tragically accurate.

So we have first a screw-up, second we have people that died as a direct consequence of Presidential malfeasance, third we have a direct violation of the Constitution by a sitting President who is apologizing for our Bill of Rights and finally we have a cover-up of the entire thing by that same President, making knowingly false claims about what led to the violence.
Emphasis removed. Obama has now managed not only to be Carter 2.0 but Nixon 2.0. Holy shit.

* * *

Here, Denninger lays out a perfectly reasonable energy and military plan. The only fault I find with his plan? We don't need thorium reactors to do it. We can get by just fine using conventional light-water reactors to accomplish this--all aspects of it, from the electricity generation to the "coal-to-oil" stuff. This would cut years out of his "twenty year" time frame just because we wouldn't have to spend time developing the thorium reactor technology for commercial use.

In fact, we don't need "coal-to-oil" to make this work. We have more oil deposits in this country than the entire middle east; we just need permission to exploit those resources.

The simplest solution to our energy supply problem is to get government out of the way, and enough nuclear power plants would make electricity too cheap to meter...and electric cars would follow that pretty quickly.

* * *

Advice Goddess deals with a dickhead. There are basically two ways you can act when you ask someone for a favor and they say "no". The first is to understand that your request is an imposition, and to be understanding and accepting when you are rejected.

The other is the method used by the moron mentioned in that post.

Ms. Alkon muses,
I'm reminded of my sister (who has spent some time "new age"-adjacent) telling me that some of these "new age" people who profess to be "spiritual," etc., are some of the biggest, most hostile buttholes out there.
* * *

Then Advice Goddess dissects the bogus unemployment statistics.
How did they come up with these figures?

Well, they pulled them out of the area that the colonoscopy thingie goes up, obviously.
Which is pretty much an apt description.

* * *


"Incest-Fest is, essentially, a campus party where making out and hooking up with as many people as possible is the goal."


* * *

What else can I possibly say?

* * *

I love today's XKCD:

And the mouseover-hover-text-thingy is also really good, but you have to go to the site for that one.

* * *

Well! I have passed my background check, so I am to report to the DC for orientation on Friday morning. Whee!

* * *

Jon's got something going on again:


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