atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3620: Okay, I've ordered shocks for the Jeep!

Went to to order shocks, because Monroe SensaTracs are my favorite and they're lots cheaper there.

Advance Auto wants $44 each; Rockauto wants $26. So instead of paying nearly $200 for a set of shocks for the Jeep I'm paying a bit more than $100--$115 with shipping and handling and two O-rings for the Fiero distributor.

If I'd been just a minute or so faster I could have gotten the closeout deal of $16 each on wholesale shocks (not in retail packaging) but someone beat me to it.

If they get here by Friday--which would be nice--then maybe I can throw them on the truck this weekend. And if not? Well, I expect to be very well-tenderized after work every day next week, so I doubt I'll have the gumption to do it after work; but perhaps next weekend I can get after them. Saturday or Sunday. We'll see.

Having accomplished this, and getting the property taxes dealt with and the bills and ordering new checks, now I'm all worn out and want to take a nap...but my cat IttyBit is sleeping on my bed, and I don't want to disturb her. Poor kitty.

So I guess I'll go play WoW or something....

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