atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3622: Easing into working full-time again

Today, four hours, all spent sitting in a conference room looking at a video presentation and then two seperate PowerPoint decks.

Monday: arrive at 7 AM, plan on being there until 3.

Tuesday: it depends, but probably arrive at 5 AM and work until 3.

...they're already into overtime--but you know what, I have things to pay for and overtime means money.

Good part: it's probable that I won't have to work on Christmas Eve, and definitely won't have to work either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'll have to work on New Year's Eve but who gives a rip? It's still first shift, meaning I'm done by mid-afternoon.

The more I learn about how they do things there, the more firmly I come to believe that all I have to do is to turn in the kind of performance I did at Target and I'll be fine.

* * *

The rise of home machining and prototyping hardware is going to change gun ownership. When there's an open-source 3D printer in every other basement, how can you have gun control?

* * *

More proof of liberal media bias. Spin (pun intended) down to the chart that's right below "and the idiocy of relentless revisiosn continues...". As you can see, the actual trend is flat or even slightly positive, but following only what's reported in the headlines shows a decided negative trend. As this is in unemployment claims, it would be good news if it were real.

Problem is, it's all fakery.

* * *

Europe needs to get electricity from somewhere, and in the wake of Fukushima they shut down a lot of their nuclear plants. So what can they do?

Burn coal.

It's all they can do, because the Euro-eco-nazis aren't letting them exploit shale gas, which means natural gas is too expensive in Europe for power generation.

So, coal.

Environmentalist fail.

* * *

Bluesun reacts to the "global warming is making more antarctic ice" story. Because the article he cites mentioned the ozone hole as a cause of increased antarctic ice, I had to post a comment with the facts about the ozone hole.

I've posted that rant about 40,000,000 times here.

* * *

I NEED THIS PRODUCT. What is it? A 20-sided die, drilled and tapped for use as a shift knob.

I'm going to get the MGB usable and put one of these on its gearshift. WIN.

* * *

Speaking of car stuff, the new shocks for the Jeep (and the distributor O-rings for the Fiero) arrived this afternoon. I'll probably do the shocks tomorrow, and an oil change for good measure.

* * *

Another home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield:


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