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#3623: And so, the shock absorbers sit on my coffee table.

They arrived yesterday afternoon, as noted in yesterday's post...and I awoke this morning to rain, rain, and more rain. It's now 3 PM and the rain is almost done. There's a couple of minor cells still heading this way, and the last of them looks like it'll be here in less than half an hour.

After that, then, I suppose I'll put on some outdoor clothes and get to work. Today's the only day I have for this stuff, because tomorrow I want to spend my day with Lemonzen. I expect to be too tired on Monday afternoon (and days subsequent) as I'm going to be moving tons of freight all day.

...and it's increasingly looking as if that'll be the day I have to take IttyBit to the vet for the last time. Last night she was bleeding from her mouth; today the bleeding has stopped but she's not eating very much. She'll eat a little, then walk away from the food and hide.

So, it's probably about time, then. *sigh*

Well, I've had a little time (almost two weeks, by Monday) to get used to the fact that she's got to leave us. It doesn't make it easy but it makes it a little easier.

I've figured out where to bury her, and what to bury her in, and what with, so at least I've got those decisions made.

But it's awfully hard to dig when you can't see.

* * *

I'm looking forward to beginning training on Monday, though. It's kind of exciting to realize that I'm going to be earning a paycheck again.

Absent from this is the uncharacteristic dread with which I'd approached the job in Rantoul. I can't really define it any better than that; it was just an inchoate feeling of This isn't right--don't do it that pervaded my being on every day I went to work. It disappeared while I was working, but when the day was done it started right back up again.

That was a good job, working for very good people; for the first year my primary task was just to show up for work every day and learn while doing--at which I excel--and it would have led me to a very interesting and lucrative career...and although it was the right thing, it was in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

This job is almost exactly like my job at Target. I know I can do it, and it'll pay the bills, and it's about a 35-minute drive from the bunker. I'm a bit worried about the physical aspect, but not very, because I've been in shape to handle that kind of job before and I'll get into shape again, fairly quickly.

It's just going to hurt a bit. Kind of like the deal with my cat.


...I was playing WoW last night, and running some quests in Pandaria on Ormus; one of them was to obtain a certain number of vials of tiger blood ("Winning!"). One was in a stream when it died, and I noticed that the body was floating correctly rather than looking like it was laying on a glass plate. That's one of the things that's bothered me about the graphics in WoW, even though I know the game can't simulate physics 100% as it would take too much computing horsepower: when something dies in water, it looks exactly the same as if it had died on land. Well, apparently that's a bit different in Pandaria, and I appreciated the attention to detail that went into building a model for death in water rather than on land.

Then the cat's limp body led me to realize that IttyBit's going to be dead sooner rather than later, and I lost interest in playing.

* * *

Anyway: in order to get to work at 7 AM on Monday, I've got to leave here no later than 6:15. That gives me time to get to work, get organized, put stuff into my locker, etc, and I can be sitting in the lobby waiting for my boss at 7 AM sharp. (As instructed by the HR person: "Use your badge to get in, then wait on the sofa for....")

After that, as I said yesterday, I expect I'll have to be at work at 5 AM every day the rest of the week. Hopefully I won't have to work on Saturday, too, but if I do? MONEY! Which I desperately need.

If things go as I expect, then, I'll work 49 hours next week. If Saturday's a workday, it'll be 57...which is 17 hours of overtime.

And I--same as when I was at Target--really don't care what they have me do. Load, unload, stack, unstack, sweep the floors, whatever, because they're paying me to do it.

* * *

When I ordered the tires last week, I also requested the place's catalog. It turned out to be an inch thick and chock-full of all kinds of stuff. It's got me thinking.

One idea I had was to put a set of driving lights on the road bike. I don't feel like paying $300 for a set of motorcycle-specific driving lights, though. It occurred to me that I can install a set for a car that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, and which wouldn't draw too much power. Find a place to mount a switch and relay, run the wires, clamp them to the highway bar--it'd work pretty well, I think.

There's a way to mount them to the tri-tube assembly, which would probably look better. Or I could get a light bar and mount them that way.

The more elaborate you get, the more expensive, of course.

* * *

The rain appears to have stopped, and I've got shocks to install. Here's hoping!

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