atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3626: I have to take some of Og's time in purgatory

Yesterday, Sunday, he helped me a lot. He drilled out 3 bolts and tapped them for me, so I was able to drive to work today.

After work, I took the Jeep to the repair shop on the corner, and they fixed the fourth one--by knocking out the nut with embedded tap and installing a bolt. I don't know how they did it, but the important part is the Jeep is fixed and it cost me $48.

* * *


...I helped unload two trucks today. I'm half dead.

The first truck had been started by 2nd shift yesterday; by the time I got to it, the guy working on it had reduced it to around 1,000 cartons.

Of gift wrapping paper.

That shit was the bane of my existence at Target, because holiday wrapping paper comes in big heavy boxes.

We finished that truck slightly after noon. For the rest of our day we worked on a container full of artificial poinsettias, for which the cases are very light. Quitting time was 3 PM.

I could not get IttyBit in to the vet today--they were full up--but I was able to get the Jeep to the mechanic (as noted above) and get my water bill paid on time.

However, having done these things, eaten dinner, and taken a shower, I am now completely beyond being able to do anything that requires brainpower, including writing a blog post that contains the usual level of political insight and commentary. I am simply too f-ing tired.

Today wasn't even the hard day. Tomorrow is going to be the hard day, the one where I have to get up and go to work with aching muscles.


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