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#3632: Yes, it's the kids' fault their teacher sent them a naughty pic.

The interoperability of Apple products has a downside. A teacher broke the cardinal rule of taking nude photographs of yourself--NEVER KEEP THEM ON AN EASILY-ACCESSIBLE DEVICE--and then further compounded her idiocy by keeping her iPhone, containing the nude photograph of herself, turned on while she was working in a classroom that contained other Apple products.

So when her iPhone synced the nude photograph of her to the several iPads it could see in the immediate vicinity, naturally it was her students who were at fault. I mean, isn't that obvious?

The students have been suspended and threatened with expulsion. "Action has been taken against the teacher," but that action hasn't been specified. I'd wager this sums up the "action": "Damn it, Ms. [name$], don't you ever do something that stupid again, or I'll have to give you an official verbal warning!"

* * *

It seems that the 0.4% drop in unemployment was about as short-lived as my employment was, so I think maybe I really did drive the change.


Karl Denninger.

* * *

But there's no inflation. Various items which don't count in the federal government's estimation of inflation because they're energy or food.

Gasoline--up 158%.


* * *

Why I won't vote for Mitt Romney, nicely summed up. I'll blockquote the salient text:
In some ways I think Gov. Romney will be worse than Pr. Obama. Mitt will get some Republican support, couple with the Democrats, and call it bi-partisanship like that’s a universal good. They’ll pass a gun control bill, fail to stop spending beyond income, continue to expand the reach of the Federal government, do nothing more than tweak the healthcare bill, and select moderate-to-liberal justices that will sail through their hearings. You can look at his record as Governor of Massachusetts and see it coming.

I’m willing to be proven wrong, but you’ll have to convince me,...
I might vote for Romney to be re-elected if he does things I like; but since the above blockquote rather neatly matches my own estimation of the situation, I don't think I'll be casting my vote for him in 2016 even if he does win this election, which ain't a sure thing by a longshot.

* * *

This is one of those socialized medicine stories you never hear from the American press. Anesthesiologist just up and leaves the OR during a procedure because it was time for his lunch break. His assistant left 15 minutes later, same reason.

Oh, but everything's okay because "Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare...has issued ‘stinging criticism’ of the hospital’s policies."

Well, that makes everything okay, doesn't it?

* * *

As for me, I don't have much of an appetite. I really didn't eat that much yesterday and don't have much interest in food today, either. Regardless of the cause, you can't just flip depression off like a light switch.

But after talking with Lemonzen last night, and after making my decision and acting on it, I was actually able to continue working on a story that's languished since August. I added three pages to the thing.

I'm going to take it easy this week, and then next week start pounding the bricks to find another job. Perhaps part-time, in order to ease into working a little slower.

Meanwhile, here's a homebrew Garfield Without Garfield for our mutual enjoyment:


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