atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#364: This is why I like Neverwinter Nights

I mean, this is just made of awesome.

Deekin started out as a hapless kobold slave of a dragon in the expansion pack for NwN, "Shadows of Undrentide". He was a bard then, like 5th level; now he's a Red Dragon Disciple (like my character is) and he's got all kinds of badassitude going on--even though he's a kobold.

Cron is my pixie familiar. I discussed Cron in an earlier entry.

The shield golem--I just got that after going to "The Isle of the Maker" in "Hordes of the Underdark". Hoo-raw!

The +10 Harbinger Kin greatsword--it started life as an ordinary +3 greatsword, back in the original NwN. In one of the later chapters there was a dwarven blacksmith who could take the magical greatsword and some adamantine, and make the Harbinger Kin, which does fire damage. And since then, Dandi hacked her way through thousands of enemies with that thing, until finally arriving in the Underdark where she came across a Drow blacksmith who could upgrade the sword further...for a price.

I didn't bother to tally how much the end damage was. I put +7 on the thing and had the guy add "keen" and "permanent haste" so I can get an improved critical threat range and 6 attacks per round. In Dandi's hands the thing lays down 3-18+15 hit points worth of bitchsmack per attack, and anything from 15-20 on the initial attack roll is a critical threat after I took "improved critical, greatsword" as a feat. A critical hit does 2x damage, so bitchsmack jumps to 6-36+15 when I crit. (IIRC the strength bonus doesn't double.) The only thing keeping this sword from being a +12 Hackmaster is the fact that it's limited to +10 by the game mechanic. Hoody hoo!

This is the kind of thing which I have never seen in any game other than D&D, computer or otherwise.

Dandi Lane continues to be chaotic evil. It has served her well; and now as an epic-level character she is a force to be reckoned with in Faerun.

NwN kicks ass.

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