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#3638: Wait, no! We're SCIENTISTS! You can't hold us ACCOUNTABLE just for being WRONG!

Here's the problem: scientists want us to listen to them and do what they say because, as they constantly remind us, "The Science Is Settled And We Are All Doomed If You Do Not Listen To Us."

Then the scientific community loses its shit when scientists are held accountable for being wrong.
The prosecution had attracted widespread condemnation from the scientific community, with one petition on behalf of the seismologists attracting over 5,000 signatures. But, shockingly, the judge in the case took only a few hours to deliver the verdict, and handed down sentences that were two years longer than those requested by the prosecutor.
Here's what Vox Day has to say about it but honestly his comments merely echo what I'm saying here.

On the one hand, when it comes to policy decisions that determine how we should spend trillions of dollars, the scientists are rigth there to tell us what we would do if we weren't stupid lunkheads but were scientists like them.

When it comes to assigning the blame for mistakes or bad decisions? "Well, no, you see, although there was a significant amount of proof demonstrating that the theory was true, we didn't have this new information. This is how science works!"

* * *

Advice Goddess links an anonymous Reddit post about the new islamic paradise in Europe.
The number of hate crimes against homosexuals is increasing every year. It started a few years back with taunting and attacking homosexual persons around areas with gay bars. Since last year, the first murders of gays have happened, by Muslims. No provocation, just hate crimes, hate against gays. The gay community is aware of areas in Belgium where they are no longer safe simply because they are gay. This wasn't the case 10 years ago. Then there are the increasing reports of honor killings. Just recently, a 22 year old Belgian bared the child of her 19 year old Islamic ex-boyfriend. The family of this Muslim had arranged a wife and a marriage for him, and this child would bring a shame on the whole family. That's why he and his nephew have killed this young 22 year old girl, to save the honor of the family.
As you can see, islam is still the "religion of peace".

* * *

Tufts University proves that it doesn't understand what "Christian" means. Tufts Christian Fellowship must allow anyone in leadership positions--even if that person is islamic or atheist or wiccan, apparently--and their failure to do so has led to the organization being stripped of its offical recognition.

No news on whether or not the Tufts islamic Fellowship organization must do the same or face losing its official recognition.

* * *

UN warns US not to elect Mitt Romney. Otherwise UN peacekeepers will flood our towns and no underage girl will be safe from molestation.

* * *

30 hours per week is now officially "full time" according to the Obama administration. This isn't news; I was talking about this back when Obamacare was still a bill the Democrats were trying to sneak into law. Ms. Scalia asks,
Why can’t the uninsured affordably buy into government employee insurance pools, with a program similar to what Giuliani created while he was mayor of NYC?

Why can’t insurance be sold across state lines, which would immediately lower premiums across the board?

Why can’t young adults who prefer to do without health insurance pay a simple premium for catastrophic necessity and keep more of their earnings?
Because all of those things increase freedom and competition for health care dollars, that's why; and the people behind Obamacare want anything but. But Ms. Scalia answers her own question a few paragraphs earlier:
More people will become completely beholden to the government for their daily sustenance.

Which, apparently, was the point, all along.
She knows what's going on. Those were rhetorical questions.

* * *

Another AGB post: OH MY GOD THERE WAS MARAJUANA GROWING NEAR CHILDREN THE HORROR THE HORROR. They better lock those people up and throw away the key! Do you KNOW how dangerous it is to grow pot? Why, the plant could just BLOW UP AND START EMITTING RADIATION AT ANY SECO-- eh?

...apparently the most dire consequence of growing pot is a high electric bill. Sorry, I must've confused growing pot with manufacturing methamphetamine. Nuclear methamphetamine.

Look: meth labs blow up all the damned time, and I'd be a hell of a lot more concerned about a meth lab than a few pot plants. You don't want a huge fire and explosion hazard on a street where kids are likely to be walking; but pot plants aren't going to crawl out of the house and jump the kids and force them to start smoking marajuana, you know?

Gadzooks. Perspective, people!

* * *

If Obama were a Republican, the press would be pounding the Benghazi story.Ms. Scalia blockquotes:
– Why are these people dead?

– Why did we not even attempt to rescue them?

– Why were Ambassador Stevens’ requests for security unmet?

– Why was it essential to have Marines guarding the consulate in Barbados on 9/11, but not Benghazi?

– Why did it take three weeks for America to secure the area, after the attack?

– Why did the administration blame a video no-one had ever heard of for a “spontaneous” uprising, and stick to that story so resolutely that President Obama was still mentioning it as late as September 25, in an address to the UN? And is the filmmaker they blamed and took into custody still in jail?

– Why is General David Petraeus, who now heads up the CIA, saying nothing at all? Why does he want more drones, when the information available from them seems irrelevant to our response options?
Why, indeed?

Incidentally? Obama's political prisoner is still in jail. The guy who made the film that was supposedly behind the "protest" is still in jail for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

Look at the picture in that AoSHQ post, and read the last line: "A commenter notes that Nakoula has more security swarming him than the Benghazi consulate."

* * *

So Karl Denninger notes that Japan's economy--20 years after the bubble burst--is still not doing much of anything.

We are, right now, where Japan was in the late 1980s. And Ben Bernanke is doing exactly the same kind of things he said at the time weren't going to work for Japan. The things he predicted for Japan have come to pass, yet here he is doing exactly the same kind of crap.

Denninger explains why and how.

* * *

Moron fails at mopery.
Today, while my mother's blind friend was waiting in our kitchen for my mom to come home, I thought it would be funny to talk to her in the nude. Turns out she's only blind in one eye. FML
You deserved that.

* * *

JayG has a post up about the differences between providing alcohol to minors and speaking your mind on the Internet. This should be a no-brainer, right? One's protected by the First Amendment, the other is a crime.

Not, apparently, in TJIC's hometown.
Got that, folks? In Arlington MA, you can provide alcohol to minors and not be charged with a crime, but if you say something untoward online you lose your right to keep and bear arms.
Difference: the guy providing alcohol to minors is a "selectman", whatever the hell that is. (Quick Google of the term reveals that it's a form of politician. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!)

* * *

Og's got a post up on metallurgy so if you have any curiosity about that subject, here's a good primer.

* * *

I'm really proud of the way I edited Garfield out of that last panel. You can hardly tell what I did, which was simply to carefully cut-and-paste the leaf pattern from other parts of the panel.

I mean, I'm working with MS Paint, here, not Photoshop.

I am less proud of the fact that I forgot to add "Without Garfield" to the title panel. Fortunately, no one cares.

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