atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3640: Removing junk

I just got done with a 2-hour cleaning binge. You can hardly tell I did anything.


...Mom's room has needed cleaning since January of 2011, but I haven't had the heart to do anything. I seem to have turned a corner, because I managed to get a full bag of trash out of there and put away some stuff that I don't need to have immediate access to.

I still have to go through all her clothing and decide what to donate, what to throw away, and what I can't bear to toss because of its keepsake value. My nieces (or sister) may want some of those.

I'm going to donate all the usable clothing to the church's thrift store. But I'm not going to work on that tonight; I'm pooped.

Looking at the mountain of junk, I've concluded that I need to make a trip to the electronics recycling drop-off point. I have some three monitors (or is it four?), at least two printers, a one-lung computer that will never be worth making usable, and a bunch of miscellanious other junk.

...the video processor that I bought in 1991 for $150. *whimper* In this era of digital video it will NEVER be useful again. (It didn't work all that well to begin with, anyway.) A couple of small TVs, a clock-radio. Mom's flatbed scanner, with the sticker still on it saying "GET READY for WINDOWS 98!" and proudly proclaiming its 300 DPI resolution.

I don't need any of it, and no one's going to want it. I thought to myself, "I could put a hard drive in that computer and sell it at the garage sale for $5!" And then I thought, "Sure, and how long would that take? That's not even minimum wage, and then you'd have to store the damn thing for seven months. F it." To say nothing of the fact that some kid would probably buy it thinking he could play Skyrim on it, and then his dad would angrily bring it back: "How dare you try to cheat my son?" This computer was a floor model for sale in 1998. C'mon.

I feel kind of melancholy, talking about recycling Mom's computer, but she used it long after it was obsolete and it's not worth anything, and she wouldn't want me to keep something like that based solely on the fact that it was hers. You know?

So I'm hoping tomorrow to load up the Jeep with all this useless stuff and get it the hell out of my way.

Speaking of Jeeps, I found a receipt for a rolling knapsack Mom bought at K-mart--"Jeep branded". Well, I decided, "That knapsack is mine now!" I found it when I opened the closet; there was some roller skating stuff in it that I removed, and now the Jeep knapsack is sitting behind my dresser. WTF, I'm the one with the Jeep!

Besides all that, I cleaned off the shelves by the door and removed one unit from the room. I'll put that out by the end of the driveway tomorrow with a "FREE" sign on it. There's still lots more to do, but I'm making a dent, slowly but surely. If I can just keep on doing a little bit each day I'll have this place spic-and-span before the holidays. Whee!

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