atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3641: Okay, now THAT is just creepy.

Atomic Fungus #2445: 10:15 PM is the post wherein I informed readers of the Fungus that my Mom had passed away.

Just now, while working a little more on cleaning her room, I had occasion to muck about with her alarm clock.

Mom always preferred mechanical alarm clocks. When one broke she bought another. She could use battery-powered ones but always had a mechanical one ticking away.

So that brings us to this particular alarm clock, the last mechanical alarm clock she had.

The clock is stopped at 10:16. I cannot restart it. It looks as if it was overwound, but still.

Coincidence? Perhaps. But creepy nonetheless.

($5 says I set it to 10:15-ish, and just forgot I did it.)

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