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#3643: Four monitors??


The CGA monitor in the garage I knew about. Also the Packard-Bell 14" VGA one downstairs. But the Magnavox one--what the hell was that? And the other 14" VGA monitor--was that one mine, once upon a time? WTF.

Also, my HP 697C inkjet printer, bought new in May of 1999 and hardly used. *sigh* Mom's computer and scanner ("Ready for Win98! 300 DPI!"), the clock-radio. I didn't bother with the other stuff; I can do that another day. I have plenty of time. Besides, four monitors which I will never use. Jeeze louise. That alone is an accomplishment, for crying out loud.

The recycling point at Monee Reservior is a Conex box. I gather that it's unlocked from 8 AM to 4 PM; you take your electronics inside it and leave them in the appropriate bins--except that there were CRTs dumped in every bin, even the ones marked "NO MONITORS". *sigh*

It's almost totally unsupervised, meaning someone could take junk from there if he saw something he couldn't live without. There was a Zenith laserdisk player sitting by the entrance; I laughed as I walked past it: "I'm here to get rid of junk, not pick up more." But they'd stop you if they caught you taking stuff from the thing, anyway.

On my way back, I saw Sailor V taking the Escort for a spin. The car looks good. Who knew it could move under its own power?

* * *

I went to McDonald's for a couple of food cartridges, and somehow managed to get a double hamburger that not only had pickles on it (contrary to my order) but mayo, and as I ate it I was all, "WTF?"

The thought did occur to me: "Heh heh heh! That's not mayo!" (But I know what mayo tastes like, and it most assuredly was.)

So someone got a double hamburger without pickle or mayo. Oh well. At least there wasn't any of that alleged "cheese" on 'em this time.

* * *

Ace has an almost-good one at the end of this post.

Before I get to my rephrasing of it--thus making it awesome--I'm going to comment on how sexist the study in question is. I mean, isn't it kind of demeaning to women to suggest that their hormones determine how they act?

Here's how Ace's line should read:


Any insufficiently skeptical "science" is indistinguishable from superstition.

* * *

I'm encouraged, though, by the complete disorder of the recycling point. I can probably dump my big old Brother HL-8e (Canon SX) laser printer in that thing and no one will bat an eyelash.

And realistically speaking, am I ever going to use that super-heavy power hog? When a new laser printer can be had for approximately the price of a day's wages?

If I get a hand, the 35" TV can go, too--eventually. I can't move that thing by myself without a crane, but if I had help I could certainly move it from the truck to the Conex box, and then slide it along the floor.

Things I can't drop there: the console TV and the old vintage 1972 console stereo in the basement, which hasn't worked since 1979 or so. Turn it on, it goes BBBLLLBLBLLZZZZZTT and then the circuit breaker trips. It's a 60-cycle noise; heck, maybe it's just a diode or two in the rectifier circuit.

But if I fixed it, it would still need new speakers; the suspension for the speaker cones rotted away years ago--so long ago, in fact, that this conversation is now 20 years old:
Me: I was using the speakers in the old console stereo downstairs, but the damp environment was bad for the speakers and, the--

Marcus: Penis.

Me: (wryly) Yeah, the penis rotted away, so the bass was all distorted.

Sailor V: Well, couldn't you take them to a shop to have the, the--

Marcus: Penis!

Sailor V: The penis replaced?
...and the answer to Sailor V's question was yes, but it's not worth it since they're pretty much standard 15" speakers and--at the time--I could have bought them from Radio Shack for $30 each. God knows what a stereo shop would have charged to rebuild the speakers--much more than they were worth, probably, especially since the newer speakers would probably perform better anyway.

But if I were to repair the thing and install new speakers, what would it get me? Console stereos went out in 1974, if not earlier. It has an AM/FM radio, a turntable, and an 8-track deck in it. Hooray, I can play records and 8-tracks! I don't have any working 8-track tapes, but so what?


...part of me says, "rip the damn thing apart, recycle the electronics, and burn the wood. And do the same thing to the TV set," because who's going to take that stuff? Most of the electronics recyclers explicitly say they don't accept console TVs; the stereo has about 4x the wood of a console TV and it's three times wider.

I do believe I could take the turntable out of the console stereo, build a base for it, and use it with my stereo system. It might need a new needle, but that shouldn't be hard to find thanks to the Internet!

And an eBay search reveals that this thing might be worth as much as $100 in working condition...excluding the $100 in speakers and repairs it needs to be in working condition. If it was a decade older than it is, and had a tube amplifier--well, it'd still be working because tube amp circuits are dead simple, and it'd be a lot more valuable.

Anyway, the sun's going down, and I want to ride my motorcycle--so I'm gonna go do that.

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