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#3648: I see that I have, once again, forgotten something important.

One of those things, you know, that is so prevalent in my daily life that I didn't ever mention it in the blog. I referred--once or twice--to my "fiancee", but didn't give specifics.

Lemonzen and I are engaged, and have been for a while now.

September 22 was the day we made it official, when I put the ring on her and all that. 9/14 was the day she selected an engagement ring and I bought it, but it was too small; we had to have it re-sized to fit her. The original plan for the official en-ringing of her had been to go to Indiana Dunes and have a picnic on the beach, but the weather that weeked was "extra crappy" (40s, high winds off the lake) so instead I built a fire in the fireplace here at the bunker and we had our picnic in a more private setting.

So there we are.

* * *

Today, in church, I gave my little speech on what the place means for me. I got lots of compliments from people on how good a speech I delivered.

* * *

The saga continues: Vox Day versus John Scalzi. In this post, Vox Day quotes John Scalzi saying, "I am a rapist."

It's generated some brouhaha. Scalzi is claiming "libel" but it's hard to claim libel successfully when someone quotes your exact words, in context.

"I was writing satirically but he totally quoted me in a non-satirical fashion!" *rolleyes*

Commentor V says:
I was writing the same level of sophisticated "satire" in high school. Later, I learned that being a shocking prick and satire are not actually one in the same. Scalzi has yet to learn this lesson. Weird.
There is a terribly large number of people who have yet to learn that lesson. Many of them make millions of dollars per year writing scripts in Hollywood.

* * *

Big deal. I've been talking about doing this for decades. It's not even remotely surprising to me that you can use a variety of different processes to microtexture a metal such that it takes on a specific color.

Call me when you guys come up with something revolutionary.

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