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#3650: November has started early.

The last several days have been more November than October. It's been mostly cloudy and cold and dreary. I sit here now, in a bunker that's quiet but for the sound of my computer's cooling fans, listening to the cold wind blowing outside.

Add to that the repeated panic attacks I've been suffering of late--well, it's been a hard October and November promises to have its own lovely bits of stress and angst.

Still, we soldier on.

* * *

When Lemonzen was here on Sunday, I tried making pancakes for the first time in decades. To my surprise, they actually came out well.

It used to be that when I made pancakes, they came out underdone, and gluey. These did not; though they could have been lighter in texture they were--at least--fully cooked. This batch did suffer from my having the heat too high, so instead of cooking evenly they "crowned" in the middle, but they were tasty nonetheless.

Not bad for the first time in a very, very long one.

* * *

Not content to screw Star Wars up enough on his own, George Lucas is now selling Lucasfilm to Disney. The same way US copyright law has been amended to protect Disney's intellectual property, now it will be amended to protect Star Wars. *sigh*

* * *

JayG reminds us how well gun control works at stemming violence. That is to say, "not at all". Chicago is the prime example.
Before the end of October, mind you. In Chicago, which until very recently banned all handguns, period. In a county that bans assault weapons. In the only state left that has no provisions for concealed carry. In this unlikeliest of places, we see more murders in 10 months than in the previous 12. This is going the wrong way, again, in the last state to deny its citizens the constitutionally enumerated right to keep and bear arms.
Illinois is the least-free state in the union. JayG hails from Massachusetts, a state with socialized medicine, and they let private citizens carry guns there.

Here? Nope. Illinois isn't even "may issue" like Massachusetts; it's no issue.

(Unless, of course, you are a prominent Democrat or otherwise connected to the Machine. Do you think Jesse Jackson would get busted for carrying a handgun on his person? Even as he was protesting outside a gun store?)

* * *

A Politico article on how Sandy could be the excuse for Obama to declare a state of emergency and "temporarily" delay the elections.

Yeah, we're only going to delay the elections for ten days--whoops! Look at that civil unrest over there! Guess we have to delay for another ten days. Oh goodness, will you just stop all the violence? Now we're going to have to wait until next year to have the elections!

* * *

Boortz has the first confirmation of my suspicion that the correction to last month's jobs number put it back over 8%. It was only 7.8% because California hadn't reported its jobless numbers to the Feds; adding CA to the figures popped it back over 8% and no one said a word about it.

As I expected.

* * *

Vox Day posts some howlers. Scalzi (whom Vox Day refers to as "McRapey") asked his readers to endorse the candidate of their choice.

The one that really got me?
I am Voting for President Obama because he is the leader of the anti-rape party. Seriously.
Oh, that would be the party of Edward Kennedy and Bill Clinton? (Do I have to say more?)

* * *

Vox Day then goes on to link the inimitable VDH and blockquote extensively:
n the elite liberal mind, there is instead a sort of progressive Big Rock Candy Mountain. Gasoline comes right out of the ground through the nozzle into the car. Redwood 2x4s sprout from the ground like trees. Apples fall like hail from the sky; stainless steel refrigerator doors are mined inches from the surface. Tap water comes from some enormous cistern that traps rain water. Finished granite counter tops materialize on the show room floor. Why, then, would we need Neanderthal things like federal gas and oil leases, icky dams and canals, yucky power plants, and gross chain saws — and especially those who would dare make and use them?
Indeed. No animals are harmed in the production of the attractively packaged steaks and roasts sitting at the supermarket's meat counter, either.

A perilously large number of people are completely ignorant of how things work, how things get made, and how much infrastructure supports their lives.

I'm sure there are a bunch of people in the Fungal Vale who--even while opposing any kind of infrastructural improvements to the area--complain that there aren't any good jobs around here.

The latest is the so-called "Illiana Tollway" project, which is to run a highway through the area somewhere in order to connect Indiana and the I-57 corridor. Plenty of people in the Fungal Vale do not want it anywhere near here.

...and then turn around and bitch about having to drive an hour each way every day to get to and from work, because the only jobs around here are low-end service jobs...and those are hard enough to come by, thank you very much, because areas with better highway access are eating this area alive.

* * *

You too can have a machine shop in your basement, and make all kinds of really cool things. This particular site deals with using a home CNC machine to make molds for casting resin parts. If you're into robots, RC cars, models, etc, this is probably a good resource.

Me, I just dig technology.

* * *

Bible study is in one hour. We're starting a new unit and a new series of books.

I am almost totally incapable of forward motion right now. *sigh* Last night I had a doozy of an anxiety attack, one that required a whole Xanax to quell--and at that I didn't get to sleep until after 7 AM. So now, of course, I am in a post-Xanax coma and wishing I could just go back to bed.

Still, shit's gotta get done, and it won't get done if I don't do it, so--as I said earlier--I soldier on, even though my arms and legs ache with drug-induced fatigue.

* * *

For your consideration, I humbly submit my eightieth home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield:

...that's going to be about my reaction to voting next week, too.

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