atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3651: Today I am a f-ing zombie

I'll just blockquote the e-mail I sent to Lemonzen:
Well--worked some more on [my latest SF project] last night. I went to bed at 5 AM, my brain whirling with what was going to
happen next, and as a result didn't get to sleep until 7.

I managed exactly ONE hour of sleep before the phone woke me at 8 AM. Telemarketer.

Did not get back to sleep before 9:30, and had the alarm set for 1:30 so I could set up Halloween decorations etc.

My costume this year is "zombie" because that's exactly how I feel. Argh etc.
I think this story is going to end up being a novella, because I don't think I can reasonably make a novel out of it when the Big Reveal is on page 26.

For a variety of reasons I'm not going to discuss the particulars, but while I was working on it last night the whole thing suddenly gelled in my brain. I haven't reached the climax of the story yet, but with the main character now understanding WTF is going on, it shouldn't be long.

What kept me awake was my thoughts on how to clean up the most salient detail--demonstrating the thing that proves the main character's theory is right--and before I fell asleep I think I figured out how to accomplish it. The really neat thing about it is, it'll all come together as if I'd planned it that way.

(...subconsciously, maybe.)

This one will probably be worth submitting to a magazine or two.

* * *

Vox Day asks his readers to endorse a candidate a la John Scalzi, with different results. He does blockquote what is probably the only endorsement at "McRapey's" page that involved any knowledge of history or, indeed, sentient thought:
I have been undecided for a very, very long time. But I think this thread is what finally made up my mind – after reading how many people want Obama because they believe he won’t try to prevent Iran from going nuclear. I’m endorsing Romney even though I’m angered by a lot of the nonsense that comes out of the Republican Party, and even though I agree with Obama on most things, especially health care and immigration reform.

Why? Because my grandmother is a Holocaust survivor, and the slaughter of her entire family was enabled, in part, by a policy of wishful-thinking appeasement that thought any sacrifice was acceptable to avoid war, and that the leader talking publicly about killing all the Jews couldn’t possibly mean it seriously.

After World War II, as a 16-year-old without a single living person in the world who knew her name, my grandmother moved to Israel, the only country that would take her. Israel is where most of my relatives live now. And much as I would love to, I can’t vote for the candidate who seems likely to follow a policy of wishful-thinking appeasement while Iran works on its nuclear arsenal and talks publicly about wiping Israel’s six million Jews off the map.
That, my friends, is someone who has a brain in his head, regardless of how he normally votes. At least he gives some thought to the issues before pulling the lever in the voting booth.

* * *

WORMME points out a few things about Democrat voters. Emphasis removed:
The Left loudly claims superiority, both mental and moral, over all others. They “protest too much” because all evidence plus their very own arguments state otherwise. They accuse themselves of laziness (“Sandy depressed our turnout”) and incompetence (“voter ID disproportionately affects minorities”) and lawless violence (“there’ll be rioting if Obama loses!”)
He's right!

* * *

MSNBS displays its pro-Democrat bias yet again by mocking Romney over a charity event.

They have to mock him, though. Their guy is losing and they are desperate to find something to prop him up. Nothing else has worked.

* * *

Speaking of media bias, the New York Times continues to display its bias. Let Ace's headline do the talking:
NYT, 1992: Bush's 2.7% GDP Growth Is a "Gross National Letdown"
NYT 2012: Obama's 2.0% Growth Is "Steady Improvement"
Then they wonder why they can't sell newspapers?

* * *

There's a big jump in unemployment coming which is probably why the BLS jumped at the chance to delay the October jobs report until after the election. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last Tuesday that employers issued 1,316 'mass layoff actions' (affecting 50 workers or more) in September; more than 122,000 workers were affected overall."

Obamanomics FTW! Thanks, guys!

* * *

Bluesun is optimistic about the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilms. Maybe it does mean there will be SW films that, you know, have plots and action in them, rather than wooden acting, crappy writing, and lazy direction--all buried under lavish special effects in an attempt to hide the total failure of filmmaking.

I mean, when the people involved with making a movie watch the rough cut and (when it's over) sit speechless in the theater, mouths hanging open in shock, trying to figure out what they can possibly say to their boss about it that won't get them fired--please remember this happened with Ep 1 "The Phantom Menace"--when that kind of thing happens, there's a big problem.

There are plenty of folks out there who are bemoaning the fact that Disney will make it all PC, but WTF, that's already happened! Lucas edited the damn thing--badly!--so that Greedo shot first, remember? ...thus totally removing any and all character growth Han Solo might have had, turning him from a dynamic and changing character into a static cardboard cutout.

It's hard to see how Disney can make things worse, know what I'm saying?

* * *

Anyway, if I want to have any hopes of getting rid of any of this Halloween candy, I've got to go outside and festoon the bunker. And all I really want to do is go back to bed....

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