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#3652: Just about ready to turn off the ringer permanently

If I had not put my phone on "do not disturb" this morning before going to bed, I would have been awakened five times by the damned thing since 8:30 this morning.

* * *

That's a Jeep Cherokee, not a Wrangler. The body of the article correctly identifies the model, so why is the headline wrong?

* * *

Not content to fake climate data, Michael Mann now claims to have won a Nobel Peace Prize he didn't actually win. If you file a document with a federal court that makes a false claim, isn't that perjury?

* * *

Salt is cheap for us because we can mine it by the ton, but in the ancient world it was harder to come by.

* * *

George Lucas saved Star Wars by selling it. Nothing in that article is surprising to me.

* * *

If you believe that blacks should have the same opportunities and difficulties as other people, you're racist. If you don't believe they should be given special treatment, you're racist. If you think that what happened to someone's great-great-great-grandfather has no effect on how he's living his life, you're a racist. (Well, you are if his distant ancestor was a black slave.)

Heck, why didn't they load those questions even further? They could have "proven" that everyone in the US who isn't black is racist.

What a crock.

* * *

"So," you ask, "how the hell would people get in contact with you when they needed to?" You might ask me. "If, that is, you actually turn off the phone's ringer for good?"

There is a minor drawback to every plan. But since, on average, the number of non-spam phone calls I get is a statistical zero, I can just let everything go to the answering machine and call people back. If it's so unimportant that you can't leave a message, I won't call back.

Actually, there are plenty of times people leave messages on my machine which are still unimportant calls--at least, unimportant to me. The most recent example was "Congressman Adam Kinzinger" (actually a recording thereof) and I deleted it as soon as I heard what it was about.

I have to have a telephone. I don't have to answer it if it's just going to be a bunch of BS.

I love the "do not disturb" feature.

* * *

So I did actually type "the end" on that story I was working on yesterday--it came out to 31 pages as written--but after sleeping on it I realized I'd forgotten to include a conversation which is artistically necessary for "closure". There's one character the reader needs to hear from one more time, else the story won't be properly balanced. So I mentally framed in that conversation and set it aside; I'll probably add it later today once it's finished fermenting.

* * *

In the OH MY GOD HOW STUPID department:
The driver's side low-beam headlight went out on my wife's 2006 Toyota Prius. I went online and found that the proper procedure for replacement begins with, "Remove the front bumper..." Further research indicated that the bulb could be removed from the top. In order to do so, however, you need to remove the relay cover and basically work blind, unable to see the fixture. Need I mention that this is a halogen bulb that you need to be careful to NOT get your fingerprints on, lest the oils from your skin lead to premature failure of the capsule?

Now, I'm not a small man, and my hands are much like two small canned hams. After much twisting, contorting, sweating, crying, and bleeding I managed to get the original bulb out. I could see where the filament had burned out. It was pretty dark by this time, but I figured that since I couldn't see the socket anyway, I would go ahead and put the bulb in.

After another round of bleeding, scratching, and sweating, I got the bulb in and the assembly put back together. I turn on the light and, TADA!!!---it still doesn't work. Let the troubleshooting begin! Fuses are OK, wiring looks fine, multimeter says that I have power at the plug. Hmmm...I look at the packaging and see that the bulb is correct. Then I notice...I re-installed the bad bulb!

Jim in Virginia
I emphasized the bad part. No replacement procedure for a wear component should require removal of body panels! That's egregiously fuckin' stupid.

(Blockquoted because it looks as if Rockauto doesn't have an archive for past newsletters. Also because it's offensively fuckin' stupid.)

* * *

There isn't any clever or humorous ending to the post today. Sorry.

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