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#3653: NYC is a disaster. Bet on Bloomberg losing his next election.

There's just a ton of links out there about it.

First, the marathon--it's off. Bloomberg canceled it a little while before I started writing this.


"Generators for marathons, not victims."

Yeah. I have to blockquote this one; headline's in bold:
Bloomberg: Let's Go Forward With The Marathon So People Without Homes, Power, Warmth, or Food Will Have Something To Cheer About

They can't watch it on TV, of course. As they have no power. Or TVs. Or a house.

But maybe they'll hear rumors.
And this article contains an important message, one that I'm going to blockquote because it's something that should be hammered over and over and over again until everyone gets it and understands it down in their guts:
...[A] lot of people don't seem to understand that these commonplace elements of civilization didn't just happen. They happened because people built them, and maintain them, and people only had the money to pay for such things because we are -- or at least have been -- a prosperous nation.

Without that, we're like most other nations throughout the impoverished, wanting, miserable history of nations.

It's easy to romanticize Third World primitivism so long as you only see it on TV, or visit it briefly as part of a pampered junket. Once you live in it a little bit, one gains an appreciation for the little things -- which aren't so little at all -- long taken for granted.

I suppose it's wrong to politicize this but I have long thought Barack Obama represents the triumph of decadence. He just doesn't see the connection between coal mines in Ohio and power in Staten Island. He's been so insulated in his bubble of privilege he's never even had occasion to wonder what it is, exactly, that makes his TV glow when he turns it on.

I've long had a theory that when you look at the various professions and occupations, those which are "dirtier" -- those which have a direct, tangible connection to the gritty reality of the world -- skew conservative, while those which are "cleaner" -- occupations which are largely performed on a computer monitor, or deal only with abstractions -- skew liberal.

Obama has lived in that latter world, and only that latter world, his whole life.

So has Michael Bloomberg.

They both eat steak but would be sickened to see a cow slaughtered. They both benefit from a technologically-advanced world running on power extracted, ultimately, from the blood and bone of the earth, but despise the mechanisms of energy creation.

They prefer just not to think about it too much. And because they've always been so insulated from "A" -- where it all starts -- and have only lived in the world of "B" -- where the electricity-demons run to, to heat homes and light the streets -- they've never had to think about it too much.

While they blather about "reducing our carbon footprint," they ignore the fact that, right now, Lower Manhattan is living a low-carbon footprint lifestyle.

And its carbon footprint will be reduced further as people -- inconvenient, energy-addicted people -- die.

This is the preferred future of Al Gore and his fellow primitives.
I cannot cut so much as one word from that quote.

All I can add: while all that is going on, Al Gore and his ilk will continue to live high-carbon footprint lives.

Meanwhile Obama took a gander, said, "Yep, it's a disaster," and headed out for more campaigning.

FEMA and American Red Cross are conspicuous in their absence.

Quoth Ace: "FEMA's not in Staten Island, by the way. I remember the media being very angry at George Bush for not directing FEMA to New Orleans in a manner they judged timely."

Union babies in New Jersey force volunteers to work elsewhere. Enjoy your blackouts, New Jersey! Thank a union baby for each and every hour you spend without power!

ADDENDUM: If the east coast ever gets EMP-bursted, it'll make this situation look like a birthday party. END ADDENDUM

* * *

Greece is still boned.

The endgame of socialized medicine, when the government runs out of "other peoples' money":
Health care spending has been slashed as the country struggles to reduce its debt. Public hospitals complain of shortages of everything from gauze to surgical equipment. Pharmacies regularly go on strike or refuse to fill subsidized social security prescriptions because government funds haven’t paid them for the drugs already bought. Benefits have been slashed, and hospital workers often go unpaid for months.
Coming soon to a country near you!

* * *

Well, another stupid week has passed. I'm just glad October is over; the entire month was constructed of suck. The job, the cat--even my speech at church was marred by stupidity. I can't get away from it!

Yeah, let me know how that works out for you, Jon. *sigh*

On the plus side--I am a few minor edits away from having a short-ish story I could shop around to various magazines, so I'm putting that on the "to do" list. Along with the 50,000 other things that are there.

* * *

The only way I really like peas--deep-fried and coated with wasabi. That stuff really clears your sinuses. Pity it's $5 a can....

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