atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#366: Pigs got wings

They do.

They are also bright yellow, about 5 inches long, and bird-shaped.

I hung up the first finch sock about two weeks ago. Now the second one is already two-thirds empty.

The goldfinch weighs--what? Two ounces?--and that sock easily packs half a pound of seeds. There are, I think, three or four mated pairs of goldfinches in the area, and I haven't seen any other birds or critters eating the stuff.

How long would it take me to eat my weight in food? I'm about 255 lbs; I'm guessing it would take more than a couple weeks. It would probably take more than a couple years.

Birds, of course, require a lot of energy. Flying is hard work, and seeds are not noted for their energy density. But still....

Little yellow flying pigs, that's what they are.

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