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As mentioned in yesterday's post, I have been suffering from a stomach bug of some kind.

After finishing the post yesterday, I went and laid back down, and ended up sleeping for perhaps an hour and a half. I woke up feeling a bit better, and hungry, and after talking to Lemonzen for a little while I decided I'd get some Chinese food.

I had sesame chicken, and felt a lot better thereafter. Still, by the time Lemonzen and I had our "good night" phone call, I was back to feeling tired and crummy. I played WoW for a little while longer but hit the hay sometime around midnight or 1 AM or so.

And I could not get to sleep. My stomach was hurting.

Got up again around 2:30 to have a PBJ, and ended up doing a little more WoW for a while, but was back in bed before 5; and I tossed and turned for two more hours before I realized This is INSANE, broke down, and took half a Vicodin.

Within fifteen minutes of my taking the Vicodin, my stomach had stopped hurting completely and I was getting giggly from endorphins--and realized that my stomach had been hurting continuously all day, and had merely been hurting less in the evening hours.

It took a little longer after that, but I finally got to sleep sometime between 7:30 and 8 AM.

...and then, just before 9, the goddamned phone began to ring off the goddamned hook.

I was so tired that I fell right back asleep after the phone finished making noise, but the seventh call--just before 11 AM--woke me up for good because by then I had to go to the bathroom. And then I looked at the Caller ID log and listened to the messages, and got pretty pissed off.

Because of the SEVEN phone calls that had disturbed my much-needed slumber, one--ONE!--had been important enough to the caller that there had been a message left.

I put the phone on "do not disturb" and went back to sleep. Woke up around 2-ish, crowbarred myself out of bed, and went to vote. Also, called church and told the secretary I wasn't going to make it to Bible study tonight because of these damned stomach monkeys.

When I told her who was calling, she observed, "You don't sound good!" Yeah. And before I left to go vote, I noticed the dark circles under my eyes. Bleah.

* * *

As promised, I cast my vote for Gary Johnson. I did not cave at the last minute and, like a battered wife, give the GOP yet another chance to abuse me again. least in the presidential race. I sure as hell wasn't going to vote for Jesse Jackson Jr. to represent me in DC, and the local GOP politicians are vastly better than their machine Democrat opponents, so I did in fact vote straight Republican, and crossed over to vote Libertarian only for the presidential race.

Also, I took a page from Og's book and did not vote to retain any judges. Voted for the Illinois constitutional amendment requiring a 3/5 affirmative vote to enact benefits increases for state employees.

WORMME says "vote libertarian if you're in a hard blue state" and I am, so it's not like my vote hurt Romney's chances of winning. I maintain that Romney is Obama without the tan, anyway; despite the dire predictions of doomsday should Obama win I hardly think things will be any different in the event of a Romney victory.

...nothing would please me more than to be able to say, "Hey, I was totally wrong about Romney, and if I'd known in 2012 what I know now, I would have voted for him!" in 2016. I'd love to eat that particular crow: "Who could have seen this coming? Romney is governing like Reagan! How awesome is that?"

But it's not the way to bet.

* * *

So let's talk about the election a bit more!

JayG has a list of top election-tampering stories. Only one of them involves GOP vote fraud.

Democrats refuse to allow GOP poll workers to be seated.

New Black Panthers are back, too, because they got away with voter intimidation last time.

JayG has an anecdote from "Wally", who had a run-in with a local politician who doesn't understand the concept of "keep your election signs off my lawn".

* * *

We're told that the media really screwed the pooch this time--their out-and-out shilling for Obama has destroyed their credibility with the American people.

Fox News: "Worst media election since the last one".

A Daily Caller piece: "Wave goodbye to the Obama media".

One upside of all this is that liberals now cannot claim the press is unbiased, or has a conservative bias. Well, no--they can, because they're delusional, but it's going to be harder to convince people they're right.

I don't think, however, that the predictions of doom for the liberal press are going to be borne out by reality. We're stuck with these communists.

* * *

Apparently China is a hellhole and not a glorious workers' paradise. Gee, who'd a thunk it?

* * *

Solar Cycle 24, the current one, is rather weak.

The peak of Cycle 24 is predicted for May of next year, and it's on track to hit a peak of around 60% of the intensity of Cycle 23.

...but global warming is real and man-made and happening now, and the only way to stop it is for all the hoi polloi to freeze in the dark. And walk to work. And ignore the declining temperatures and colder winters etc, because who are you going to believe: us climatologists, who are expert scientists, or your own lying, denying eyes?


* * *

If the continuous stomach pain wasn't enough of a clue that I'm sick, there's the chills to consider. I've been going from feeling too warm to too cold, and back again; last night I took Mom's old comforter (which, after 22 months, I had removed from her bed and washed) and threw it on top of my comforter because I was cold. "What the fugawi," as Dad always said.

Well, it didn't help matters that it was 25° last night.

Anyway, I'm at the point now that I don't know whether my stomach hurts because of illness, or because it's empty. I haven't eaten much of anything today since I don't have much of an appetite; I am going to have to eat something pretty soon, though.

...and around all this is the knowledge that there are things I have to get done this week and none of them will get done unless I do them. But I simply don't have the energy or the motivation to do any of them when I feel like a rancid pile of rancidness.


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