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#3658: Guess what?

Obama's getting four more years, it looks like. Fox called the election for Obama about 15 minutes ago; it looks as if he'll get the 275 electoral votes needed to win it, even though (at the same time) Romney is winning the popular vote. everyone in the media will be just fine and dandy with the electoral college system, and will be until the next time a Republican wins the White House.

If there is one.

As for the GOP, I am fervently hoping they'll get the fucking message and stop fronting RINO asshats. McCain and Romney may have had the imprimatur of the GOP leadership but they can't win elections. Further, this stupidity of giving candidates their "turn" in the top slot has got to stop. You only run a previously failed candidate when you have no other choice, not when it's a dire situation like the GOP has been claiming we're in.

McCain shouldn't have been the pick in 2008. Dole in 1996? Dole was a good choice in 1996 because Clinton was a powerhouse. Romney--Romney is Obama without the tan; if you're going to vote for Obama why would you vote for Obama lite?

I heard a lot of the usual BS in the election coverage, talking about how the GOP can't run right--and that's horseshit, because when the GOP runs right it wins. The problem is, the GOP elites aren't conservatives and they can't stomach having a conservative in charge of things. Romney failed of election because he's not a conservative and didn't run to the right. Because the GOP elites think that moderates will be swayed by squishy candidates who lack convictions of their own.

I stand by my decision not to vote for Romney, even in light of a second Obama term.

Obama is not going to be impeached for any of his major first-term blunders (Fast and Furious, Benghazi) and even if he were the Senate will remain in Democrat hands, meaning any vote to impeach will be DOA there and Obama will be exonerated. But what we are going to get, now, is the failure of the financial system on a Democrat's watch. They won't be able to point at Romney sitting in the Oval Office and say, "See, it's Romney's fault! If you'd re-elected Obama, this wouldn't have happened!"

* * *

...but although Ohio has been called for Obama, apparently it's just a projection. If Ohio is really still in play, and Romney wins it, then we're in for a rerun of 2000.

Both Ohio and Florida are well within the margin of cheat, and there is one major political party which is steadfastly against voter ID laws.

Instead of showing anything useful, though, the news is showing us slow pans of dancing election center crowds at McCormick Place in Chicago (Obama's place) with the occasional lingering closeup of pretty girls...and a static view of an empty stage in Boston (Romney's).

So the information on the Ohio race consists of "Romney not conceding, Ohio too close to call" which isn't even punctuated correctly.

Of course I have the sound off. Who wants to listen to a constant yammering drone of pure nothing?

Also, the guy running the camera in Boston apparently doesn't know how to pull a focus, because the interview now taking place on that pane is blurry.

Well, whatever. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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