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#3660: Locked out by mistake?

I tried to read the Fungus before bed and got "your journal has been suspended".


No warning, no e-mails, nothing; I looked back through the Spam and couldn't find anything there, either, so I had to inquire as to why my account was suspended. I went to bed with my mind whirling through disaster scenarios.

So why was it suspended?
Your account was mistakenly suspended. It has now been unsuspended.
*sigh* Well, at least it wasn't because some liberal had a hissy fit.

* * *

Let the layoffs begin! Now that the election is over, companies are notifying lots of their workers that they won't have a job next year thanks to sequestration.

(Incidentally, Michelle? "Diffident" means shy. I know, I know--I used to think it meant "distant" or "unaffected" or "uninterested", but that's not what it means at all. Weird, huh?)

Karl Denninger points out that of course now both parties will work together to avoid it exactly as I predicted.

Back when this budget deal was brokered, I said that it would not actually make the budget get any smaller and that any and all provisions of the deal would be nullified before they kicked in. It's why the GOP lost my enthusiastic support, why I now vote for them only because the idea of voting Democrat turns my stomach. I can't take the GOP seriously any longer; even as they claim to be all about fiscal responsibility, they're right there with the Democrats in spending and spending and borrowing and spending ever-greater amounts of money.

That was the final nail in the coffin, as far as I'm concerned; crowing about knocking a measly $100 billion off a $1,300 billion deficit using methods which ensured that spending would not actually decrease--despite all their furious tap-dancing and insistence that "this is just the beginning!" I was able to see beyond the smoke and mirrors.

And I was 100% right. Not only have there not been any further cuts, but they are now moving to undo sequestration, exactly as I expected they would. Never mind the reason; this was as predictable as the tides and I called it, bitches.

That budget deal is why, at the core, I refused to vote for Romney, even before he got the nod. I said at the time that I was done voting for whoever the GOP nominated solely because the party had nominated him and He Won't Be As Bad As The Democrat.

The Republican party IS as bad as the Democrats.

* * *

Since Lemonzen and I didn't get to see each other on Sunday, we saw each other last night. I drove up to the Citrus Grove to spend the evening with her.

Went to a World Market store last night. Gadzooks was that place pretentious! We browsed around the place a bit before finding the food aisle--which is why I'd wanted to go--and there was so much snark fodder there....

The outstanding bit was the "wall art" which consisted of an ornate border printed on canvas. There was nothing inside the border but blank canvas; the whole point of the thing was the border itself.

"Well, look at this," I said disdainfully. "Just in case you happen to need a border for something!"


Everything was overpriced and they were playing weird, stupid music. They didn't have wasabi peas. They did have "wasabi mix", which consists of common Japanese snack foods with entirely too much horseradish flavor sprayed on them.

I bought a little jar of plum wine for $3:

...image stolen from...somewhere.

I've wanted to try plum wine since reading the Maison Ikkoku chapter "Granny's Plum Wine". I never need to try it again; it tasted like sweetened paint thinner.

Trip to World Market: bust. Though I did buy a package of soba for my niece, to whom I'm sending a can of wasabi peas and a few other things.


* * *

Anyway, that's it. I've got about three hours before I have to get ready to go to therapy.

Tomorrow I actually hope to accomplish something.

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