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#3663: Comments are disabled again.

Why, you ask? Because of spam!

At least this time I turned off comments before there were 80 of the damned things. Today's spam gets points for actually being in English rather than Russian. Apparently it's some kind of linkspam for a dating site, or some malware site masquerading as a date site.

This means one of three things, in descending order of probability:

1) Spammers hacked more inactive LJ accounts, and target my blog because it's the first thing to come up on Google when you enter "atomic fungus".

2) One person hacked 13-odd LJ accounts to profess her love for me. She's probably the kind of crazy-ass stalker who drives past her stalking object's fiancee's house several times a night.

3) 13 people simultaneously fell in love with me and decided the best way to profess their love for me was to write a crappy note that's not even punctuated correctly...and all 13 just happened to use exactly the same words and lack of punctuation.

Anyway, so I've turned comments off again, because I really don't feel like chasing spam. If you need to comment, edhering {[at]} gmail (*(DOTTY)*) com, and I'll post it.

* * *

Karl Denninger explains why the economy is shitty. He further explains how to fix it.

As for me, I'm finding myself becoming increasingly isolationist. If the US were to do two things, we could then safely cut our military budget:
1) achieve real energy independence.

2) Stop defending half the planet from the other half, and let those assholes take care of themselves.
Europe had a pretty good run at socialism, but they only had that good of a run because the US was providing much of their national security. We spent hundreds of billions of dollars on keeping the USSR at bay, so they didn't have to spend hardly anything on self-defense.

And we have enough natural resources within the US that we don't have to buy oil from anyone to keep the lights on and the groceries moving. If we can stop expending all that effort on keeping the oil flowing, we'll naturally spend less money on defense just because our aircraft carriers won't have to patrol the Persian Gulf all the damned time.

Just let the middle east go to shit. Stop trying to stablize it; let the idiots kill each other fighting over their interpretations of the koran, and give Israel a helping hand as the only sane nation in the region, and the problems will resolve themselves.

But not for the oil. Screw the oil; we have plenty. We also have plenty of uranium and thorium, and a major switch to nuclear power for electrical generation and coal gasification would enable us to tell not just the middle east but Mexico and South America to take their oil and piss it up a rope. Make electricity too cheap to meter, and our need for fossil fuels will necessarily plummet.

While we're at it, enforce the immigration laws. We don't need new ones and we don't even need a fence with mines and guard dogs, as satisfying as that might be. All we need to do is to treat the employment of illegal aliens as a serious crime again, for which people get jail time in federal prison, and most of the illegals will leave.

Make it plain that if anyone kidnaps or harms a US citizen, we hit back hard. Also, we hold responsible the country where the crime took place. That means if "students" capture a US embassy and hold its personnel hostage, we treat the matter as an act of war.

Denninger makes a good point about the medical system, though. We need to end the legal protections for medical monopolies in this country. Make interstate sales of medical insurance legal.

When I lived in Cedar Rapids there were two major hospitals within a mile of each other, so both times I spent time in them (once for my appendectomy, once an overnight stay because of food poisoning) I had a private room and paid "semi-private" rates for them. The entire American system is built on competition, so why should there be medical monopolies, even at the local level? It makes no sense, unless you're a doctor or own a hospital.

And make no mistake about it: even the nonprofit hospitals prefer having monopolies over medical care in their areas, because no one wants to have to work to get customers.

* * *

Gee, how odd. OldNFO is a fellow gunblogger, and tells a story about how he and some friends managed to avoid having large and expensive items stolen from them while traveling.

* * *

DPUD has an NSFW post about how stupid the GOP is. I'm going to bowdlerize it here even though I swear like a sailor, because I'm the editor in chief of this dump and what I say goes and they're swearing too much:
Look at the a**hole in Mass, the Tea Party got him elected and he immediately started acting like a f***ing leftist a**hole and lost to that stupid f***ing moron who can’t string two words together without sounding like a moron or a commie (usually both). Do you think the F***ing GOP “Leadership” will learn anything by that? Not just “No”, not just “NO!” but “F***ing no f***ing way!” Boehner is talking raising taxes and amnesty already. F***.

The GOP refuses to f***ing learn that they can’t win f***ing elections by being Dem Lite. They need to present a difference.

F***ing Romney didn’t want to bring up Benghazi because he was afraid Minitrue was going to call him a meanie.

Well guess what you stupid, f***ing, idiotic, a**hole, they called you a meanie anyf***ingway.

When are you stupid, f***ing, f***ing, idiotic, assholes going to learn you will never win when you play by the rules of your f***ing enemies? I know they’re your opponents, but they see themselves as your f***ing enemies. You idiots are more the enemy than f***ing terrorists who would happily kill them all. No, that’s wrong. You’re the f*ing enemies, the terrorist a**holes who want to murder them all are their buddies, you stupid, f***ing, ignorant, obtuse, refuse-to-learn-anything, a**holic, douchebagiferous, jackasses.
"Jackass" isn't a swear word, which is why I left it alone.

I say "swearing too much" but in fact the level of profanity in the post is just about right, considering the situation, but it's too much for the Fungus which makes an attempt to keep the profanity to the "occasional" level.

* * *

This woman says "FML" because her husband was faithful to her. Talk about ungrateful:
Today, my husband came home drunk off his ass at 2am. He started crying on my shoulder because he couldn't go home with some beautiful woman who hit on him, because sadly for him, he's married to me. FML
Insensitive? Sure, but the guy's drunk. The important thing to take away from this is that the guy remained faithful to her despite being drunk.

Remember the old joke about the guy coming home drunk, and the next morning his wife pampers him and he's shocked and surprised at all the loving attention? And when he asks her what's going on, she tells him it's because he drunkenly told her, "Leave me alone, lady! I'm a married man!" when she tried to undress him.


* * *

Ukyo hit 85th level yesterday; and last night after I'd done some cleaning I got on WoW around 4-ish...and played until 6:30. Ukyo went to Pandaria and started questing there, and I kept trying to find a good stopping point and could not; finally I said, "I am stopping here and I don't care that I'm not logging out in an inn. Screw the XP bonus; I need sleep!"

I had originally set my alarm clock for 2:30 PM; when I woke up at 2:30, I heard thunder, and fell asleep again.

I slept until my sister-in-law called me, and talked with her, and then fell asleep again until 7.

Now it's 9:45 and I'm wondering where the day went. *sigh* On the plus side I finally got over to the grocery store, and got out of there for under $50.

Church in the AM, of course. Woohoo!

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