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#3664: Little bit of white smoke from #1

I know what it's not: it's not coolant, because the bike is air-cooled.

(Okay, yeah--since it's air, technically it is coolant--but you know what I mean.)

Left to go to church and discovered that I barely needed my hoodie, so I went back into the house, grabbed my helmet, and rode the bike to church. How many more times will I be able to do that this year?

Took my usual post-church spin around the area because it's still pleasant outside even if it's gotten really windy. There's a wind advisory up for today, until 8 PM.

Anyway, so the bike is running a bit rough, so after I got home I took off my helmet and listened to the engine a bit, then looked at the exhaust. The left side cylinder, #1, is emitting the slightest puff of white smoke at each exhaust stroke.

That is to say, I think it's white. It's not dense enough for me to see much color, so it might be the blue smoke of "burning oil" and I just can't see it--but my impulse is to say no, it's not blue, but white smoke.

"Son," I told myself, "when are you going to get around to synchronizing the carburators?" I'm pretty sure that's what's wrong; as far as I know it's not been done since I installed this set of carbs (rebuilt by a friend of Og who knows motorcycles).

It doesn't smell like it's running rich, but it also doesn't really smell like burning oil, either. The exhaust from #2--clear as the air around it--has a slight "rich" smell to it.

And since it's 67° outside, it's not because the air is cold. Duh.

Anyway, syncing the carbs requires a tool I don't have. *sigh* Wonder what the shop would charge me for a tune-up....

* * *

Speaking of getting a tune-up--

Since the choir practice room was painted yesterday and still all higgledy-piggledy, we ended up doing our final rehearsal in the old sanctuary at church today. It's the place where the worshiping used to be done--was done for most of the church's 150-year history--and only in the last decade or so did that change.

It has a tin ceiling from which about a century's worth of paint is peeling, and it would be wonderful if it could be restored to its former glory.

But doing our warm-up/rehearsal today was interesting because the acoustics of the place are completely different from the rehearsal room or the choir box in the new sanctuary.

* * *

I've been awake since about 2:30 this morning. As stated in yesterday's post, I slept for twelve hours. Well, I ended up sleeping more and waking up at 2:30, at which point I was unable to sleep any more--so I got up and did some cleaning, and played some WoW, and then did more stuff, and finally played WoW until it was time to get ready to go to church--so now I've been going for almost nine hours, and I'm ready for a nap.

* * *

Little by little I get better at Minesweeper on "intermediate", to the point that my average has begun creeping up from its nadir of 14%.

Just about time to switch to hard mode, I guess.

* * *

...maybe have a snack before I go lay down. I'm tired.

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