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#3665: Between 1 and 17 times the mass of the Earth?

I wish they would stop referring to these planets as "a super Earth" because they are not.

A rocky planet which is larger than Earth is not a "super Earth", not even if it's within its primary's habitable zone. It's a large rocky planet.

Absent any other information, the only thing they can say for sure about this star system is that there are probably planets in it. One of them may--or may not--be a rocky planet of seven Earth masses in an orbit which would permit liquid water to exist on its surface.

* * *

Wow. I got out of bed, and while feeding the cat happened to purse my lips a certain way--


...wisdom tooth...

I will have to have it extracted tomorrow. That's going to be more than a bit spendy but I am in serious pain, here. I write a sentence, writhe in pain, write another, etc.

Vicodin, yes. But Vicodin takes time. My stomach is empty; that should help.

* * *

That was written some 9.5 hours ago. The Vicodin worked extremely well and the wisdom tooth didn't hurt at all. Lemonzen came by and we spent time together.

So now, on with the rest of the blog post at 5 AM the next morning!

* * *

This is going to be what happens to us, since Bernanke is taking us down exactly the same path as Japan has been walking--and which Bernanke himself said was an unworkable plan; and in fact the things that are happening to Japan now are exactly the things he predicted would happen.

Oh well.

* * *

So, certain businesses are responding to the strictures of Obamacare, and liberals are having a hissy fit over it.

Papa John's is going to cut workers' hours in order to limit its health insurance expenditures under Obamacare; liberals want to boycott Papa John's.

One Applebee's franchisee is going to stop hiring new workers in order to limit its health insurance expenditures under Obamacare; liberals want to boycott Applebee's.

Here's the rule: when a major piece of liberal legislation becomes law, you are not allowed to discuss any of its inevitable negative consequences. Don't you nazis know anything?

* * *

The socialists are telling us that austerity is not the way to fix the deficit problem.

No. Apparently stop spending so much fucking money won't fix anything. Keynesian economics, as practiced by socialized governments worldwide--that is to say, incorrectly--has failed every time it's been tried, so naturally the thing to do when a failure is imminent is to do more of the same in hopes that this time it will magically fix itself.

Denninger is correct when he points out this is impossible.

The situation is not sustainable; eventually, every Ponzi scheme crashes down in ruin, and the fact that one is perpetrated by government does not eliminate the laws of mathematics from rearing their ugly heads.

The only thing that can fix the deficit/debt problem is first to stop digging ourselves in deeper by ending the deficit spending. There's no way to grow out of a $1,300 billion annual deficit and our national debt has doubled since Obama took office.

There is absolutely no reason for it not to double again over the next four years. Only instead of going from $3,000 billion to $6,000 billion, it's going to go from $6,000 billion to $12,000 billion. In four years.

And if we can survive that, then what? 2016-2020 it'll double to $24,000 billion. If we're still around and afloat in 2024, it'll be $48,000 billion. 2028 will be $96,000 billion--but at that point a hundred dollar bill might buy you a pack of M&Ms...and might not.

I'm confident in predicting that the national debt will double like that because in the last election the American people voted for "more of the same". The GOP is already talking about moving left in order to win in 2016; they're talking tax increases and amnesty for illegals, thinking that they'll garner more votes if they move left of "Democrat Lite" and become "Democrat ca 1980".

...which they won't, because if you're going to vote for Democrats, why not vote for the actual Democrats? WTF.

* * *

FEMA pulled out of the disaster-stricken areas of the east coast less than a week after Sandy hit.
On Staten Island FEMA has managed to place a whopping two dozen people into housing. Let’s say it together: “Heckuva job...” Once upon a time, the press would be screaming about this.
Who's taking care of the people who have been hit hardest by the disaster?

Churches. But the mainstream media doesn't seem very interested in that story, either.

* * *

So: that toothache was bad enough that I'm going to have to get it yanked soonest, and that means taking a trip to the oral surgeon. I bet this is going to cost a packet. *sigh*

Thank God I kept that Vicodin from the last extraction I had done. Without that I would have ended up in the frickin' ER. Shit.

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