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#3666: Have to wait until Thursday.

How do I know, when it's 8 AM and I haven't talked to dentist or oral surgeon yet? Am I psychic?

No. Thursday is when my dental plan kicks in.

"But you don't have a dental plan," you say. "Do you?"

You're right. Technically I've got a dental discount plan, but considering what dental insurance is usually like this is close enough to it for my taste. Thanks to a tip from Og I remembered from June of last year, for $130 I ought to be able to save a significant amount of money on having my bad wisdom teeth removed.

"Wait--teeth? I thought it was one tooth that was bothering you--"

Well, I've got two bad wisdom teeth that need extraction. Why pay twice? Just get 'em both out at the same time, and be done with it. Sure, it means soft foods for at least a week (probably two) but then they are dealt with and I never have to worry about them again.

I should be saving more on that than the $130 I paid for the plan, anyway. Even if it's a wash? The plan is good until February of 2014, so once I have an income again, I can go see my dentist and get a whole bunch of stuff fixed for about 50% of MSRP, which suits me just fine.

Best part? It also includes glasses. I can probably use this to get a new set of glasses for less than retail, which would also help since I've been--to echo the words of Bing Crosby--"playing the trombone" when reading things. (Watch White Christmas and pay attention to his scenes with Rosemary Clooney.)

So today I will call my dentist and find out who he recommends for this, and then make an appointment for Thursday. I expect to get my uncle to drive me to and from the place, if possible, and then I can spend Thursday sleeping off the effects of the anasthesia.

And have soup for dinner. Whee!

* * *

Three of the seven string theories has been shot down. Supersymmetry is a major part of string theory, and if there is no supersymmetry, there is no string theory.

What Vox Day doesn't say is that the latest data from the LHC at CERN also puts a nail into the coffin containing dark matter:
Supersymmetry theorises the existence of more massive versions of particles that have already been detected.

If found, they might help explain the phenomenon known as dark matter. Galaxies appear to rotate faster at their edges than the matter we see can account for, and one set of candidates for this missing dark matter is supersymmetric particles.

However, researchers at the LHCb detector have dealt a serious blow to hopes of finding them.

They have measured the decay between a particle known as a Bs meson into two particles known as muons. It is the first time that this decay has ever been observed, and the team has calculated that for every billion times that the Bs meson decays it only decays in this way three times.

If superparticles were to exist, the decay would happen far more often. This experiment is one of the "golden" tests for supersymmetry, and it would appear that this hugely popular theory among physicists has failed.
...I'll say again that you don't need dark matter to explain galactic rotation if you use general relativity instead of classical mechanics. Also, theories requiring dark matter may not be using the correct mass figure for the galaxy, as the galactic disk may be twice as thick as previously thought.

If supersymmetry is not an explanation for dark matter, then theorists will have to find alternative ideas to explain those inconsistencies in the Standard Model. So far researchers who are racing to find evidence of so called "new physics" have run into a series of dead ends.

"If new physics exists, then it is hiding very well behind the Standard Model," commented Cambridge physicist Dr Marc-Olivier Bettler, a member of the analysis team.
And maybe we don't need new physics to explain things, eh?

* * *

Obama won because everyone's in trouble? It's a compelling argument: Obama won the election because the economy is so perilously bad, people out there are convinced it's in their best interests to vote for the guy who's going to let them hang on the longest:
Because the economy is so weak, and people are so miserable and just holding on to their fingernails, the Catastrophic President becomes the only lifeline available to many. They wind up caring less about the economy as a general matter, because their survival instincts are just to keep themselves sheltered and fed. They are looking at the current moment, scared as hell of the next.
It's an interesting theory, anyway.

* * *

This home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield was something of a ball-buster:

Click here to see the original strip.

As you can see, I had to do a lot of work to remove Garfield and show Jon's missing side. So I took this strip:

...and used the book-and-hand from it.

Recreating the "ALBUM" text required that I cut that section of the image, blank out the text from the book-and-hand chunk with the "background" color, and then paste it over the "ALBUM" cut.

There's just one little problem with that process. In GIF mode, that doesn't work, which is why this particular one looks so crummy: I had to switch it to JPG to do this edit.

But although the finished product has a bunch of JPG noise in it, the actual editing of the image looks seamless, so I call that a "win" for me and MS Paint. Woohoo!


Wow, did I really predict that the unemployment rate would be below 8% in December of 2011? I did! Go, me!
Obama sez the unemployment rate "could" fall below 8% in time to pull his chestnuts out of the fire in Nov 2012.

I can save you the suspense and confirm that yes, the official unemployment rate will be below 8% by November of 2012.
Dang, I'm good.

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