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#367: Comic Party

As of episode three I don't know how SDB can dismiss it so thoroughly.

He expresses his opinions clearly in his discussion of the series and I understand how he feels, but I think it's a shame. I guess my take on it is significantly different than his. He says that any email about it should be sent to /dev/null rather than his inbox; this blog is the closest thing I have to /dev/null on this system. (How sad is that?)

Most anime series--even "half-season" series--don't even get a good start by the third episode. For example, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-oh-ki--the first Tenchi OVA series--hadn't even introduced all the main characters by the end of its third episode, and it was six episodes long. (Of course they then had a "filler" episode, #7, and then the second OVA series.)

I really enjoyed episode three. The main character participated in his first doujinshi sale, and really began to understand--and enjoy--what he is doing, whether he is being "pushed around" by his best friend, or not.

I really like Yuu, the megane'kko doujin-ka who is advising the protagonist on his foray into the world of doujinshi. She is smart and scrappy, kind, and highly perceptive, and if I had a choice between his girlfriend/childhood friend and Yuu, I would pick Yuu, hands down. (Even if she does speak in the Kansai dialect.)

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this.

The thing is, I don't share SDB's pessimism about the direction of the plot, nor do I think that the protagonist's girlfriend is "deeply hurt"; the series is not meant to be an angst-fest. (He usually refers to Kikuko Inoue as "the queen of tears", but he has never watched Marmalade Boy [MB]. Miki, voiced by Mariko Kouda, could give OVA Belldandy a run for her money in the "river of tears" category. Now, MB, that is an angst-fest.)

I am reasonably confident that the girlfriend is going to get over her "hurt" and the impending rivalry that SDB sees coming is going to be mainly for the sake of keeping alive the "romance" angle that such stories require.

I would, in fact, be greatly surprised if the girlfriend doesn't get involved with the guy's doujin by the end of the series.

There are at least three series of CP, but I'm not currently sure how many episodes, total, the entire run comes to. Guess I'll have to look into that, but I'm going to be commenting more on CP as I see the episodes, so I'll try to get some basic research done before the next entry on CP.

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