atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3667: Still have to wait until Thursday.

...after all that, I realized two critical things--and subsequently learned a third--about the dental discount plan I bought:

1) My regular dentist wasn't a participant.

2) There was another plan--CIGNA--in which he is, and it costs $10 less to boot.

3) CIGNA doesn't include vision (oh well) but the best-case price for having my two wisdom teeth extracted drops by some $160 compared to the Uni-care plan. The worst-case price is $406 less.

So I contacted their "live chat" help, and after two chat sessions and a phone call to the oral surgeon, I figured out what I needed to do, and did it. So now I'm on "CIGNA Dental Network Access" rather than "Uni-Care 200" and have an appointment for Thursday afternoon to get these f-ing wisdom teeth the hell out of my mouth, so I can stop having problems with them.

I had hoped to put this off until after I had a job. Well, we don't always get what we want; but if you try sometimes--

I'm not going to have general anasthesia. Just local--I've had extractions done before, and while it's unpleasant to be awake for it, at least that way I don't have to have someone drive me there and drive me home again afterwards, and then stay with me for hours to make sure I don't do something stupid and dangerous in my post-anasthetic loopiness. Besides, it's cheaper.

Maybe they'll let me have a little nitrous oxide, though.

* * *

I was in bed all day yesterday. I finally got up in the evening, just in time for that damned tooth to blow up; Lemonzen came by a short time after I got up and we spent the next nine hours together. She went home, and I decided it was simpler just to stay up and resolve this nonsense; well, now it's resolved, and I can go to bed, finally.

Bible study tonight at 7. Whee!

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