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#3668: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I've got three of those, plus a bonus "liberal media" post.

First: California State University trustees are delaying a vote on raising tuition. Young people voted for California's Proposition 30, a tax hike on "the rich" which was meant to help keep the California state university system from having to raise tuition.

...and they're preparing to raise tuition for "some" students. Yeah. So the CA state government gets its tax hikes and tuitions are still going up.

This is what happens when you vote to allow tax increases, particularly in a state that is already taxed to the gills and still overspending.

Second: Apple now has to pay more for certain parts used in its products. It has to pay more for these parts because it can only buy them from Samsung, the company against which they recently won a patent infringement case.

As Denninger says, disdainfully:
Suing someone who is a single-source supplier is usually one of the dumber things you can do, as they're quite capable of making sure that any judgment you "receive" comes right back to them and out of your hide.

This is especially true when you try to sue because you "patented" a box with rounded corners.
Congratulations, Apple! You're run by morons!

Third: Union baby strikes against Hostess has resulted in them losing their jobs. 627 union babies are going to be out of jobs because Hostess is closing the bakeries at which they work. Hostess is doing this because they union babies are on strike, and Hostess needs to be able to make Twinkies and Wonder Bread and-and-and in order to remain in business.

The company filed Chapter 11 for the second time in a decade; they need to cut costs in order to remain competitive. Pandering to union babies is too expensive.

...and hell yeah, they have to cut costs. I only buy Twinkies etc when they're under $3 a box--and usually when they're under $2.50 per box, to boot. I won't pay $4 for a box of 8 Suzy Qs or 10 Twinkies.

I will--and do--routinely pay $3.49 for a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies, because there are 12 big ones in a box. 12, which is 150% of 8 or 125% of 10. You see how this works?

But union contracts are full of benefits and wages that are far above market value, and unions have gotten to the point of strangling into bankrupcy the companies at which their members work. (See also GM.)

What good does it do your members if the union gets them an extra dollar an hour, but the employer goes out of business because he can't make a profit? What good does it do them when the union is so inflexible during a severe economic downturn that the employer has no other choice but to close the plant, thus putting the members out of work?

* * *

Liberal media: JayG asks us to imagine that it's 2004 and that George W. Bush is doing things like those Obama has been doing.

The screams of the mainstream media would still be echoing, and I think we all know it.

* * *

As for me, I went to bed after the last post and slept pretty much all day. The Vicodin makes me sleepy, and I have to have it in order to keep my jaw from aching most egregiously, but fortunately I can get away with having a dose every 12-16 hours rather than every 8.

I did end up missing Bible study again this week. Argh etc--but it can't be helped. Since I'm getting the wisdom teeth removed on Thursday it's probable I won't feel like going to choir practice, either, but we'll see.

* * *

Today I got my last "paycheck" from Michaels. It's a debit card, so I have to activate it and do a bunch of other stupid crap in order to get at my money. I'll do that tomorrow, though.

* * *

Man, I have zero energy. *sigh*

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