atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3670: Bah! I saw that on MacGyver decades ago.

Welding with two car batteries in series. If, that is, you happen to have welding rod and a few hand tools, and something to shield your eyes from the arc.

...only in the MacGyver ep he was using a nickel instead of a welding rod. MacGyver didn't need welding rod or any of that pussy shit.

* * *

I ought to do this with the old Fungus posts: make ebooks out of them and put them up for sale on Amazon. I might make a couple bucks.

* * *

Obama is neither apostle nor messiah, you f-ing morons. He's a craptastic politician.

* * *

My shopping list keeps getting longer. I wanted to go on Monday, but didn't, and as the week went on I kept putting it off because the pain of my aching tooth required Vicodin to quell, and the one thing I don't want to do when I'm stoned on Vicodin is to drive. No thank you.

Depending on what time I get up tomorrow, hopefully I can go do that before my appointment. I at least need to get some cat food, if nothing else.


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