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#3671: I hate not having real cheese in the house.

And in the "adding insult to injury" department, I noticed that the bagel was moldy after having a big bite of it. No wonder it tasted funny. *sigh*

It wasn't a big spot of mold, but I have no idea if there was mold on the part I ate, or not. In any event the American "cheese" I put on the thing tasted horrible, so I threw out the entire sandwich and am starting over. I also threw out the remaining "cheese".

But I've got to have something for breakfast besides potato chips and pickles. *sigh* This is what happens when I don't do the shopping on time.

* * *

I agree that there's nothing illegal about what Petraeus and his mistress(es) did.

But here's the thing: in general, when someone gets a security clearance they take an oath. If said person then has an affair, it's a serious issue, because anyone who violates one oath is likely to violate another. I don't know how it works for the Director of CIA, but for the grunts in the trenches, being caught out in having an adulterous affair pretty much means an automatic revocation of your security clearance.

Or, at least, it used to.

This is why the FBI would get involved...but gadzooks, who knows any more?

* * *

The person I feel sorry for is Rob Cohen, being married to Janeane Garofalo for two decades. Even if neither of them thought they were married, still--

File this one under "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

* * *

And another one for the same folder: Wounded Warrior Project shoots itself in the foot by refusing to allow an interview on a radio show devoted to firearms hobbies.

* * *

I was in fourth grade when Jimmy Carter got elected.

After Jimmy Carter won the election, my 4th grade teacher gave us an assignment, to write a letter to the new President-elect. A lot of the kids in the class made some seriously disparaging remarks about Carter being a stupid peanut farmer.

Me? I had been afraid of going to jail for criticizing the President--public school FTW!--and was aghast at some of the things the other kids were saying. My letter, when it was my turn to read it aloud, was full of polite disagreement. "I would have voted for Ford," I said apologetically, living in fear of the new President's terrible power. (Yeah, Jimmy Carter--look, I was nine, okay? What the hell did I know?)

The teacher immediately seized on my letter, angrily telling the other kids, "Ed has tact!" In retrospect, of course, I can see what the deal was: all the kids were lambasting and making fun of her guy because--as a teacher--she was probably about as hard left as she could be without actually joining the Communist Party.

...making a target out of me in the process. Thanks, Miss Gurney! Now the other kids hate me even more! *sigh*

At least now the liberals' aim is getting better and they're actually trying to punish the kids who were mean to their guy, rather than polite and tactful. And it only took them thirty-six years!

These days, of course, I know about the First Amendment and have the example of eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome, so now I can refer to Obama as "Boss Tweek" and "MC Sleepy" and "the lying liar in Chief" without fear of prosecution. (At least until Obama has me thrown into a concentration camp...but that probably won't happen before 2016.)

* * *

Economic DOOM!, all of it from Karl Denninger.

Unemployment claims have skyrocketed. Department of Lies Labor says "Sandy" but Denninger doesn't believe that's the whole story: "I think part of it is Sandy, and the rest of it is not -- the rest is all of the layoffs that were kegged up until after the election, then released in the last week." (Emphasis removed.)

"There's no inflation." ...except that there is, and it's hit 2%.

Food is still going up at 4%. Whee!

Bad, bad news. Workweek is declining, and it looks as if the decline is accelerating.

And Walmart says it's not going to be a very good season for holiday sales. Here's what Walmart's CFO said:
“Current macroeconomic conditions continue to pressure our customers,” Chief Financial Officer Charles Holley said in the statement. “The holiday season is predicted to be very competitive, but we are well prepared to deliver on the value and low prices our customers expect.”
Now let me translate that into language regular people can relate to:
The economy is shit. We're going to have trouble selling stuff this year, but we're f-ing Walmart and we can out-discount everyone else and still make a profit.
Right now we're taking money and flushing it down the toilet. The Fed is running the printing press at "emergency maximum"--has safety-wired the speed to control to that setting--and every new dollar they print makes every existing dollar worth less.

If it keeps going, existing dollars will be worthless.

* * *

Obamacare results in 5% surcharge and reduced employee hours at a chain of Denny's restaurants owned by franchisee in Florida. Expect to see more of this as it becomes ever more obvious that Obamacare is a bad idea.

* * *

It's now official: Europe is in recession again. We're not far behind 'em on that "official recession" thing--but as you all know, the recession never actually ended.

* * *

Is she really this stupid, or is she spinning the story? I guess it doesn't matter, because on the face of it this reporter looks like a complete moron: "[Obama] gave no clear hint about whether he would tack to the left or to the center now that he has run his last election campaign."


* * *

In the "I wish I could believe this" department:

The GOP says it's not going to back down in the impending budget fight. I don't believe them, and you know why I don't believe them.

That's a declarative statement, not a question. If you've read the Fungus for more than a few weeks, you do know. But for those of you who may be new to the party:

I don't believe them because this is the kind of thing they said in 2010 and we all know how that turned out: $100 billion in cuts that weren't actually cuts, but reductions in the rate of growth...and a whole bunch of tap-dancing meant to try to convince the GOP base that they'd actually done what they said they'd do, when in fact they had just gone on with "business as usual" and hadn't cut shit.

And the annual deficit this year is larger than last year's. Some cuts.

...but this time, they promise, this time we really mean it.

Sure. Sure you do.

* * *

Are we seeing the end of Twinkies? Striking union babies don't like the contract offered by their bankrupt employer and refuse to return to work. The CEO of Hostess therefore is telling them it's time to quit with the temper tantrums or the morons won't have jobs to return to.
"You put in the time, you put in the years, I mean, we all have dedicated our lives to the company and they just don't appreciate it," said one striking worker.

Steven Blakey says he he was looking forward to retiring from the company. He says what's going on now hurts not just him, but his family as well.

"I spent 30 years of my life, missed a lot of time with my family, now it's time for me to enjoy that time and I have to keep working, I'm missing out on a lot." said Blakey.
Yeah? Well, what are they supposed to do, give you a blank check? Hostess is bankrupt, you stupid sod. They don't have the money to give you what you want. Unless you haven't noticed--or have been listening to the Democrat media too much--the economy is in the shitter.

You should be glad you have a freakin' job, because there are a bunch of people around that don't--and instead you're whining about pay cuts and pension matching when the company faces the real risk of going out of business.

So you union babies now have a choice:

1) Accept an 8% pay cut and lose the pension matching but keep your job.


...but, hey! At least the union didn't cave, right?

Idiots. Will someone please explain to these assholes the meaning of the old aphorism, "Cutting off his nose to spite his face"?

* * *

So! Now it's 9, and if I were to get out of this chair and get dressed, I bet I could go get my shopping done long before I have to get ready to see the oral surgeon.

I just couldn't sleep past 7 this morning, probably because I spent most of yesterday in Vicodin-induced slumber. It's fine, because I expect I won't want to do anything this afternoon when everything's said and done...and will be hopped up on something narcotic to boot.

One of the things on my shopping list is another 15-bean soup mix. I toss the soup stock mix packet, of course, and just simmer the beans in water with the ham chunks; but I'm not likely to do that tonight. No, I'd wager tonight's meal will be chili, because that'll be filling, and I don't have to chew it. Also, it's already cooked and frozen, so all I need to do is defrost it and heat it up.

But what I should be able to do is to make sure there's no gravel in with the beans, wash them, and get them soaking. Let them do that overnight, then start making the soup tomorrow morning. (Bonus: I can dice some celery into it, along with the onion and green pepper, for extra flavor.) After bringing it to a boil and then letting it simmer all day, I ought to have quite a fine meal tomorrow evening, after I separate out the ham and dice the meat etc. (And take the bones out, because bean soup shouldn't be crunchy.)

* * *

Thanks to Borepatch I now have this:

Spoken like a true Kansas fan.

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