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#3673: I just felt like writing something

Two links, though:

Karl Rove suffers from the same sort of willful blindness as the rest of the GOP.
The GOP has won only one popular vote since George H.W. Bush rode in on Ronald Reagan's coattails in 1988. What is similar about every candidate since Reagan? What did Bush-41, Bush-43, Dole, McCain, and Romney all have in common? This is indeed an "elephant in the living room" question, because what Rove refuses to see is that the Republican party hasn't run a conservative since 1984. Since then, we have had a never-ending stream of big government, establishment, Rockefeller Republicans--people who think we can out-Democrat the Democrats and in some cases out-bid them for votes. These are people who think government is just fine, that it's only there to help, and that the important thing is not to limit it but to be in control of it.
Emphasis mine, because it's the salient point.

But since the country club Republicans, the RINOs, are in control of things, that's all we're going to get.

* * *

Israel is calling up reservists and moving tanks. This is not a good sign. In fact, it's heap bad juju. I agree with Denninger--we don't need a war in the middle east right now--but we may be getting one regardless.

* * *

The vicodin is doing its job and I'm not in any real pain. There's a bit of soreness it can't really do anything about but it's making me sleepy enough that I don't really care. Taking three tabs of ibuprofen every six hours or so is helping to keep the swelling down, too.

I tried having chili (frozen a month or two ago) for dinner, but I didn't want to chew anything and my chili is very meaty. I ended up putting most of it back in the fridge and having two bowls of ice cream. My guilt reflex--"Ice cream is not dinner!"--was silenced pretty effectively by a simple rejoinder: I can't eat anything else right now. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

(To demonstrate how loopy the Vicodin has me, I almost deliberately wrote "put that in your pope and smoke it" which doesn't make any f-ing sense, but it seemed amusing. But whatever little bit of common sense remains around the Vicodin vetoed that plan.)

* * *

It's 28° outside. I did remember to get the trash out before going back to bed, and had a chance to look up at the sky.

Considering that we're already halfway through November, I'd wager that Betelgeuse is not going to explode this year. (Or, rather, will not have exploded sufficiently long ago that we will see the explosion this year. Stupid relativity.) I recall the prediction was for "sometime in 2012" but there's about seven weeks left in the year.

And we really don't know much about the mechanics of supernovae to begin with. We think Betelgeuse is going to explode soon as it's lost 15% of its luminance and diameter in the last decade and a half--all of which being signs that it may have entered iron fusion. That's the last stage a star can reach without going all 'splody, because the iron fusion reaction is a net consumer of energy and the star's photosphere collapses pretty soon after it starts.

Who knows how far the thing has to collapse before the kaboom happens? Astronomers think they know, but then again the solar phoenix reaction is supposed to be pumping out a certain number of neutrinos and we don't detect the right number, indicating that something is wrong with our theories.

Regardless, we're pretty confident that Betelgeuse's days are numbered and that the thing will go supernova sometime in the relatively near future.

We'll see, I guess.

* * *

Yeah, that's about all I've got.

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