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#3675: Unions killed Twinkie the Kid

It's official: Hostess is liquidating and going out of business.

NYT on the story.
The liquidation may not mean the end of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread. Such sweet treats could find new life under a different owner, once the company begins an auction of its brands and assets.
But it does almost certainly mean that they won't be made as well after someone gets their grimy mitts on the trademark and tries to make them cheaper than Hostess did.

And from this story:
A representative for the bakery-workers union did not respond to request for comment. The Teamsters meanwhile are urging the smaller union to hold a secret ballot on whether to continue striking. Citing its financial experts who had access to the company's books, the Teamsters say that Hostess' warning of liquidation is "not an empty threat or a negotiating tactic" but a certain outcome if workers continue striking.

The Teamsters also noted that the strike put its union members in the "horrible position" of deciding whether to cross picket lines.
And so, because a bunch of union babies refused to give any ground in order to help their employer stay afloat, 18,500 people will soon be unemployed.

Congratulations, union babies! You managed to strike yourselves right the fuck out of a job.

Unions have outlived their usefulness.

* * *

Louisiana is also not going to implement Obamacare's "insurance exchange" in their state. Too much federal overburden, no funding for same. Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

Sears is having trouble, too. $500 million loss--yeesh.

* * *

I'll bet I could eat a Big Mac if McDonald's were serving them. They're not (and won't be for two hours) so I think I'd better go with plan B, which is to make some scrambled eggs.

ADDENDUM: So I went to the kitchen intending to make scrambled eggs. While preparing I realized that I had sausage patties in the freezer (pack of 4, $1) and thought that a couple of those would be a tasty addition to the meal. Then, as they cooked, I noticed how much grease they emitted and decided to make sausage gravy.

The eggs ended up becoming an omelet with cheese and sausage; I poured the sausage gravy over two slices of toast and set the omelet atop this.

And it's delicious.

It may only be due to the fact that this is the first solid food I've had since 12 PM yesterday (so, about 21 hours at this point) but damn, this is a really tasty breakfast and my stomach is very happy.

...some of the giddiness is, no doubt, due to the Vicodin I took before I started cooking. I'm going to go to sleep now....

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