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#3676: Union thugs, Nov. 15: "No, there's no way they're serious."

Union thugs, Nov 16: "Jesus! They're serious! They're serious!"

Yes, and it's too late for you to come back to the table now, assholes.

Quoth an AoSHQ post on this:
Asked if the shutdown decision could be reversed if the Bakers' union agreed to immediately return to work, [Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn] responded, "Too late."
The union babies are thrilled that they brought a big corporation to its knees rather than give in; but how long will their exultation last?

In the comments to this Doug Ross piece at Michelle Malkin's blog someone points out that unemployment is now back to 26 weeks, rather than the 99 weeks it had been extended to.

Another thing pointed out in the comments: this doesn't just affect the employees of Hostess. Sure, the non-union employees at Hostess are just as boned as the union babies are, but the collateral damage doesn't end there. You see, Hostess doesn't make its own boxes or plastic wrap or delivery trucks, or sugar or flour or shortening or Yellow Dye #2 or-or-or; no, it buys that stuff from other companies.

Or, rather, bought, past tense. How many other companies are going to be laying people off because one of their biggest customers has been forced out of business by short-sighted union babies throwing a temper tantrum?

Sure, 18,500 Hostess employees are losing their jobs; but that's just the beginning.

JayG talks about the story.

* * *

Despite Obamacare waivers, big companies are still going to cut a lot of people back to under 30 hours a week. They have to, because Obamacare is going to cost them a packet and reducing people to part-time status is the only way to get around the problem.

Thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Obama!

* * *

Also from JayG: Jesse Jackson Junior won't resign until he gets disability pay.

JayG says, "It might be worth the disability retirement just to get him out of politics entirely..." and I can't say he's wrong.

JJJ is my freakin' congressman, thanks to redistricting. Illinois is a shithole.

* * *

I must be on the mend: I'm starting to get cranky.

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