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#3677: Saturday morning, and Lemonzen broke her ankle.

The thing that quite literally adds insult to injury is, she can't remember how she did it. Just, Tuesday when she got up, it was bruised and hurt. And it continued to hurt; she called off work yesterday and went to the ER today after work--where they told her that she had a fracture.

The ER staff were aghast: "You've been walking on it? Since Monday?" Well, Tuesday, technically.

Now she's got to go to an orthopedic surgeon. Geeze louise.

* * *

Guy makes fun of stupid hoity-toity catalog. I got a laugh out of this.
Item #02-741009 Callie's Charleston Biscuits

Williams-Sonoma says: "Flaky, buttery, and made by hand by celebrated caterer Callie White."

Price: $72 (set of 24)

Notes from Drew: That's $72 dollars for biscuits. At Popeye's, the biscuit comes free with your order. At Williams-Sonoma, it costs you the rough equivalent of your phone bill. How good could these biscuits possibly be? There's a threshold past which biscuits cannot improve. Even the best goddamn biscuit in the world isn't $72 better than a Popeye's biscuit. Unless that biscuit can make you teleport.

And what kills me is that there are clearly people out there who have shitloads of money and NO cooking skills who order this shit. Who are these people? How are there so many of them that Williams-Sonoma can sustain its business model? Are we all just racking up massive biscuit debts that will soon break the economy? I imagine that 60 percent of Williams-Sonoma's business come from a group of six Persian oil barons, who buy everything in every catalog five times over every year for no good reason at all. Seventy-two-dollar biscuits. WHAT THE FUCK.
That is, by the way, $3 per biscuit. For $72, I can get twelve tubes of eight "you bake" biscuits--four times as many as these morons offer here--and have plenty of money left over to buy 24 packages of sausage gravy, each of which is enough to cover four biscuits. And when all that was bought, the remainder would be enough to pay for the electricity need to cook all that food.

Okay, $3 will get you half a dozen biscuits from KFC. For $72 you could have 144 biscuits, and they'd be hot already. And $5 says that they'd taste just as good as these asinine expensive designer biscuits.


* * *

When I went to visit my late sister in 2008, I spent some time cleaning up the workbench in the room I was sleeping in. There were all sorts of shells and cartridges for various guns littering the thing, and the generally chaotic nature of the junk on the bench made me nervous.

Well, sure, shells ain't gonna go off by themselves, but if someone were to carelessly toss something onto the bench, I thought, and it hit a shell just right--yeah.

What happens in that video is very, very unlikely...but you have to keep in mind that there are plenty of people in the graveyards who died in "very, very unlikely" fashions.

* * *

Speaking of sausage gravy and stuff--I think I'm going to try to repeat my success with yesterday's breakfast. I'm hungry, and I've been up all night--because first I was waiting for Lemonzen to call me after she got home from the ER, and then because I had to spend an hour calming her down, and then because I was all wound up.

Ukyo ended up slaughtering everything killable in Blackrock Depths, solely for the reputation and the fun of it; now I want to do Upper Blackrock Spire, for the same reason. But first I took a detour into Searing Gorge to do the Thorium Brotherhood quests, in order to unload all the Dark Iron Residue on them in exchange for reputation--and so I hit "exalted" with the Thorium Brotherhood in about two hours, starting from "neutral".

Ukyo--now level 86--was able to tear through the Stockade in about five minutes, killing everything, which is why I decided to go get BrD out of the way. I'm confident that after I do BrS, I'll hit "exalted" with Darnassus and can start working on getting "exalted" with Tushui Pandaren. Whee!

But right now, I want food.

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