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#3678: Why the hell isn't there a Pizza Hut within delivery distance of the bunker?

That would have made my life a TON easier tonight, that's why.

I was up all night (as noted previously). I didn't go to bed before 3 PM, though, because I was digging through boxes of photographs trying to find a picture of the late and lamented IttyBit.

...a picture which, it turns out, was taken with my old HP Photosmart 215 digital camera, and sitting quietly on my hard drive all along.

This image:

That wsa taken in my apartment in Cedar Rapids in 2002, a few months after IttyBit came to live with me. It's the single best photograph I have of her; others are more cute but not as well-blocked or posed.

Anyway, so I finally went to bed--taking half a Vicodin and two ibuprofen beforehand--and slept for perhaps four or five hours. When I woke up, I was hungry for pizza and realized it's been weeks since I had any. But I still felt tired and crummy and really didn't want to go pick one up.

Naturally, I am outside the delivery radius of any of the three Pizza Huts near the Fungal Vale.

At the time the above picture was taken--and at least through December of 2003, when I moved back to Illinois--there was a Pizza Hut less than a mile from my apartment. (Probably less than half a mile.) I lived on 34th Street, and the Pizza Hut was on Mount Vernon Road between 34th and 32nd. And of course I tipped at least 20%, so after I'd ordered from the place a few times, I got pretty good service.

Sighing sadly, however, I placed my order for carryout and then hied myself to Pizza Hut to pick the dang thing up...and I'm glad I did, because it really hit the spot.

* * *

The half tab of Vicodin and the two tabs of ibu were the first painkillers I'd had in 19 hours and--to my surprise--my mouth was sore without really hurting all that much. I probably could have slept without the pain pills, even. Eating is still something of a delicate operation since my gums are sore back where the chewing goes on (imagine that) but the swelling seems to have abated.

I got the statement from the oral surgeon today. The discount plan saved me $298, or $178 after paying for the discount plan...and the plan is good through February of 2014, so it's going to end up saving me more once I get a job and can afford to see a dentist again. It's already more than paid for itself.

* * *

Also, I got the latest bill for the motorcycle insurance...due in May. That's just fucking asinine, sending a fricking bill six months before it's due. And $5 says State Farm can't be arsed to send a reminder a little closer to the due date, because why would they do something like that?

Argh etc.

* * *

Artist arrested for "possessing materials to make an explosive device". His crime? Trying to pass through airport security with "an ornate watch that had switches, wires and fuses". ("Fuses", I assume, meaning the electrical kind, not cannon fuse.) He had no actual explosives on him anywhere; the article says the guy was carrying "potentially dangerous materials" but makes no mention whatsoever of what those "materials" were.

But we were born free.

* * *

Michael Flynn starts this post by talking about his part in writing the novel Fallen Angels (with Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle) and makes some interesting observations about global warming, climatology, and actual science.

* * *

I've struggled and struggled with Minesweeper on its most difficult setting, and have concluded that I simply cannot win a game on that setting. I even tried cheating by doing a screencap of the post-lose layout (where all the mines are revealed) and replaying that game--and still lost. The field is too big and the mines too numerous; I get fatigued and end up clicking on a space other than the one I intend to (which almost inevitably contains a mine), or I'm finally reduced to guessing...and I always guess wrong.

That last bit makes me suspicious. I mean, when I have to choose between two spaces and have no other information other than "there's a mine in one of them", it ought to be a 50/50 proposition, shouldn't it?

If a particular space says there's two mines next to it, and you've found one but have no clue which space has the other one, and click at random, you ought to have 100/n percent chance of landing on the mine. If there are, say, six un-clicked spaces next to that "2" and you've found one mine, the chances of clicking on the other mine ought to be 1 in 6 (ca 16%). When there are more mines in the remaining spaces the chances of clicking one go up, but the results of a guess should still be approximately random. Yet I end up clicking on the mine nearly every time.

Something is goofy here; I have to wonder if the program randomly re-seeds the minefield with each click, or something, and simply lays out the unfound mines in such a way that the revealed information is still correct.

Whatever the case may be, I've played the damned thing on hard mode until I see arrays of numbers whenever I close my eyes, and haven't won once. I give up.

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