atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3679: I am stuffed.

Today is Consecration Sunday at church, and there's a luncheon after each service.

I had two big helpings of food, and now my stomach is crammed full of food. On my first pass through I had some of everything; for my second helping I had only a couple sausages, more hash browns, and more of the luscious smoked pork tenderloin.

I ate too much. But damn did I need it--the way this week has been, I really needed a good meal of solid food.

* * *

The swelling in my mouth is gone, and I haven't had any pain pills since last night. There's still some residual soreness in my gums at the back of my mouth, but I had only a little trouble eating, and that happened when I started getting too enthusiastic.

* * *

Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Wednesday evening I have "come and go communion" to attend, like last year, and then I have to go get the pies I ordered. I have to wonder if the pies would fit in the bike's trunk, because it's supposed to get near 60 on Thursday....

I have to clean the bunker this week, and I'm hoping to get rid of the remaining TVs and other junk electronics that are laying around. Also, get Mom's clothing sorted and donated to the church thrift store, then rearrange things just a bit. Ideally I'd like for it all to be done by Wednesday evening, but we'll see how I do.

* * *

Trying to find that picture of IttyBit, I came across a bunch of digicam pics of the MGB, and realized I really need to get that thing back on the road. It's too nice a car to let it sit all the damned time. if I have absolutely nothing else to do. *sigh*

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