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#3681: Rubio's not eligible to be President, damn it!

He's doing fundraisers in Iowa, though. He spoke at Terry Branstad's fundraiser, that is to say.

The article is full of stuff about how good Rubio looked, with people wondering why he wasn't on the ticket for 2012.


Then again the GOP doesn't give a rat's ass about the rules any more, either. Why should they?

* * *

So, besides resulting in companies turning lots of full-time workers into "28 hours per week" workers, there's another way for Obamacare to cause unemployment. Companies with a smidge more than 50 people will cut staff until they're under 50, thus exempting themselves from Obamacare.

So what will happen in a few years? Well, of course the government will start forcing businesses to have a certain percentage of full-time to part-time workers. If you are over a certain ratio, you'll get hit with taxes and fines.

Little by little the government will wiggle its tentacles ever deeper into our bowels, until one day the tentacles come out our mouths.

* * *

Boortz talks about the Hostess mess.

Something that I didn't really touch on before, but which bears mentioning, is that the Teamsters accepted Hostess' offer. They read the writing on the wall and correctly evaluated the consequences of not accepting the offered contract.

The Bakers' union? Pssh. Hostess wasn't out of money; they had scads of cash sitting around for the millionaires to play with. There's a big room at corporate headquarters which is like a gigantic play ball pit, but filled with hundred dollar bills instead of play balls. It's the size of an Olympic swimming pool and each bill is carefully inspected daily to ensure it's still crisp. Ones that don't pass muster are burned, and it takes a full pallet of new Franklins every day to keep that play pen full. Also, the toilet paper in the executive washrooms? More Franklins, also brand new. On the CEO's desk there's a tissue dispenser, but it dispenses $100 bills instead of Kleenex. Ditto for the cigar lighter.

...this must be the union vision of what the boardroom is like, because they certainly act as if they thought so.

That last link is, by the way, Advice Goddess quoting a post on ThinkProgress, found via Gawker media. To say that I am skeptical about the slant of the story from that side would be diplomatic at best.

What the article doesn't say? Well, for one thing, it doesn't say what the typical pay for top-echelon executives is at other companies. If you look at the blockquoted text from the Bakers' union, they complain that the CEO's pay went from $750k to $2.5 million. Also, it doesn't say when he got that raise.

Compare that to the pay of CEOs at other major corporations employing 18,500 people. It's probable that the CEO of Hostess took a huge pay cut during Hostess' last bankrupty, and that the raise came before January of this year.

What I do know is that the commie lib people don't know one goddamned thing about the kind of work that corporate officers do; they appear to think that it's a 9-5 job with optional overtime and that these guys are being paid scads of money to sit around and play poker--when in fact the CEO of a corporation (particularly one in trouble) is probably the hardest-working guy in the building, bar none.

Since Hostess was privately owned, that's doubly so--the CEO was trying to save his own pocketbook--but the board finally decided it's time to stop throwing good money after bad. What else can they do, when the union refuses to play ball?

* * *

More union tantrums threaten the movement of cargo through our west coast ports. Sure, because nothing would make unions happier than to strangle the economy so they don't have to, y'know, work or anything.

* * *

I'm certain that it comes as a shock to everyone that I don't have any sympathy for unions.

* * *

Vox Day correctly re-labels the GOP "the Government's Other Party". I think I'll start using that, too.

* * *

What did the President know and when did he know it? That's the big question about Benghazi; but it's not going to mean a damned thing, because there's no way Obama will be impeached. The GOP is too craven and the Democrats control the Senate, anyway.

* * *

The anti-semites apparently believe Israel doesn't have the right to self defense.

The leftists of the world are all castigating Israel for having the unmitigated gall to try to defend itself from rocket attack from Gaza. Even countries which would not hesitate to get medieval on aggressors who were attacking them exactly the same way are shaking their fingers at Israel and saying, "Tut, tut."

Leftists never met a dictator they didn't like, though, and islam is the ultimate in dictatorships. It has everything the leftists want: it's marxism and total control of the populace, wrapped up in a shiny veneer of religion. And not only that, but it demands the deaths of people who oppose it.

See, Lenin and Stalin were bad guys, and the leftists know it--as much as they try to deny it--but that's because marxism pretends to be humanitarian, saying that it's for the benefit of the workers...though it's hard to see how the workers can benefit from the risk of being executed for saying the wrong thing.

Islam, on the other hand--not only does it condone punisment for people who disagree with it, but requires that they be punished as severely as possible. It forces its subjects to live according to a strict set of rules (some of which are aggressively anti-capitalist) and punishes all violations with swift violence.

"But," you say, "it's anti-woman and anti-gay. Leftists are all pro-gay and pro-woman, aren't they?"

Ah, you are making a mistake, my friend, but it's not your fault as this mistake is easy to make. You see, leftism isn't actually about feminism and gay rights and the environment; the converse is the truth: feminism and gay rights and environmentalism are all about leftism. These things are a means to an end, a way of dividing the culture so they can conquer it and turn it into the so-called "workers' paradise".

...and when the "workers' paradise" is achieved, the very first thing that happens? Gay rights and womens' rights and environmental protections go right out the fuckin' window.

Take a look at China and tell me that the communist leadership there gives a wet fart about protecting the environment.

Take a look at Nazi Germany. There were all kinds of homosexuals in the National Socialist Party; but once Hitler rose to power, suddenly gays had to self-identify with pink triangles on their clothes, and they ended up in the concentration camps.

The end goal of leftism is total government control of the populace. And what inevitably happens when that total control is achieved is that all the apparatus that made life inconvenient for the previous regime is jettisoned posthaste...which means that if gays think they'll get a voice in how they are governed under a totalitarian regime, they are fooling themselves. The totalitarian regime will regard gays as a security risk: they broke the rules of the old bourgeois society, goes the thought, which means they're for damned sure going to be breaking the rules of the new workers' paradise...and We Can't Have That. Total obedience is required of all citizens at all times.

Women want equal pay for equal work? That was all well and good when the old bourgeois system was in place, but now that we're securely in power we need to examine the realities of how women enter and leave the work force during their lives, in order to have children. Sorry, comrade; you have five fewer years of experience in this kind of work than your male counterpart has, and there's a mandate from the politburo to cut costs wherever possible. According to compensation chart 229-1b, your hourly wage is only 75% of your male counterpart's wage because he has more experience than you.

What's that? You want an abortion? Sorry, but this region has already used its annual budget allotment for elective medical procedures. Perhaps you can have that abortion in the next fiscal year, which begins only eight months from now. Oh...right. Well, you'll just have to have that baby. Look at it this way, comrade: you're contributing to the future of our glorious republic!

Well, we would have liked to have put a particulate scrubber in that smokestack, but when you look at how much it costs to clean up an inherently dirty process like smelting iron you realize that there's just no way the state can justify the expense. Ditto for the effluent coming from the aluminum smelter--well, the government budget is finite and we can only do so much, and we desperately need these materials in order to build our glorious future. It's unfortunate what the soot does for your asthma, comrade; further we're very sorry that the medical budget has been used up for this year and that you must make a 30-day inhaler last six months--but the Party appreciates your sacrifice, and your children will thank you!

This is what the left wants. And they don't care if the political system is labeled "marxism" or "islam" as long as they get it.

* * *

As for me, I have to get my anus in motion. I have to hit the bank first--having my wisdom teeth out last week was an unexpected expense, and while it was a bargaan at $400 it was still $400 I would have preferred not to spend right now, if at all.

Then? Auto parts store, for a thermostat and an upper hose, and perhaps another gallon of coolant.

Then I get to play mechanic. Whee!

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