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#3683: Well, at least I know why the radiator hose blew.

This morning, I went out to look at the Jeep again, expecting to see that the level in the overflow tank had decreased.

It hadn't.

So I pulled off the radiator cap--and I had to pull because there was a considerable amount of vacuum in the system. The upper hose was flat.

I pulled off the hose to the overflow tank and tried putting compressed air through it. After a few seconds, finally PWSSSS a whole bunch of rusty gunk came out the other side, but the flow through the hose was not what I'd call "unrestricted".

That explains it, then: the overflow hose was blocked, and the cooling system was overpressurizing every time it heated up and every time I shut the engine off. It was only a matter of time.

So I pulled off the old hose, and went to the auto parts store (on the motorcycle) for $5 worth of new hose. I installed that, and when I started the truck then the overflow was working the way it's supposed to.

Step 2: load all the junk TVs into the truck and take them to the recycling point.

Pulling apart the old console TV took perhaps 15 minutes, but I got the front panel out (with tube) and put it all in the truck. Ditto for the 20" and both 13" TVs. Left the bunker at 10:30; was back at the bunker with lunch from McDonald's at 11:30.

The temperature gauge never reached 210°, and the heater only blew cool air when it was on high speed. On low speed I could feel heat coming from it, but not on high. I'd like to get that fixed before it gets really cold, but I don't know how likely that is.

There are two possibilities: either there's still air in the system, or else the heater core is clogged with gunk. If it's the latter, I'm in for some fun because you just know the f-ing thing ain't gonna flush clean and I'll have to replace it.

And how do you replace the heater core in a Jeep Cherokee?

"Step 1: Remove dashboard...." *sigh*

On the other hand, as I drove, the temp gauge did start creeping higher, and when I got home the expansion tank had emptied by a little bit. (I'd filled it all the way to the top.) So it's probable that the air will work itself out of the system and I'll get my heat back soon.

I hope so. Otherwise I'm going to have to pull the heater hose off and dump coolant into it, and that's going to be messy.

And none of this addresses the potential cylinder head crack issue. Argh etc.

* * *

So now the guy who accused the voice of Elmo of sexually abusing him, and who then recanted said accusation, has again changed his mind and said that the guy did sexually abuse him. And guess what?
Over the weekend, TMZ reported that Clash had paid Stephens $125,000 to recant his story; now Stephens has met with his lawyers to tell them he was indeed pressured into it (he was reportedly crying during the negotiations while saying he didn't want to sign), and he's now switching back to his original story.
Do you remember what I said about this? Here's what I said:
So if "Elmo" did his thing with a 16-year-old boy, and the boy says it wasn't consensual, "Elmo" is in heap big smoke for sexually abusing a minor. The whole nine yards, including being considered a sex offender and having to register.

If the 16-year-old then says, "Whoops, I retract that; it was consensual," then "Elmo" is off the hook. Not only does he not have to register as a sex offender; he hasn't even comitted a crime.

I would wager that--regardless of what actually happened--the owners of Sesame Street paid the former kid a lot of money to make this charge go away.

Yes, I'm getting cynical. It's hard not to.
It's even harder not to when your suspicions are borne out by events.

* * *

Liberals don't understand why Obamacare is causing layoffs.

* * *

Yet another paean to politcal correctness for Thanksgiving.

The traditional picture of Thanksgiving may not be historically accurate, it's true. But the people who point this out are exactly the same people who think that evolution through natural selection and "survival of the fittest" is a proven scientific fact.

I bring that up because the way Europeans overran the indians of North America during the colonial period is a perfect fuckin' example of "survival of the fittest".

Did the indians get a raw deal at the hands of the Europeans? least by our modern standards. I'm not prepared to make judgements about what colonials should or shouldn't have done when presented with the problems that faced them, particularly when cultural differences were a large factor in the frictions that led to conflict. Certainly the colonials weren't sitting there in their log cabins, saying to each other, "Now, in what way can we really screw over the indians? How can we make them suffer as much as possible?" (Okay, some were...but they were in the bare minority.)

At the same time, however, the indians were presented with a choice, and chose badly: adapt or die. They do bear some of the responsibility for what happened to them, just because they fought when they should have talked (and vice-versa). Bear in mind that one reason George Washington was selected to run the army during the Revolutionary War came from his command experience in Ohio during the French-Indian war.

The most interesting thing about pre-colonial America comes from indian culture itself. There had been a thriving neolithic society here, but a few centuries before the white man came, an epidemic killed so many indians that their civilization collapsed. They ended up returning to a hunter-gatherer society out of necessity, because they simply no longer had enough people to support an agricultural one.

(It seems possible that the epidemic pathogen could have come from the Vikings who visited NA while the rest of Europe was still struggling through the medieval era. Who knows?)

It may be callous of me, but I don't care about the indians. I refuse to spend my life living in guilt over what happened to aboriginals five hundred years before I was born. They got a raw deal, yes, but it's not my fault and there's nothing I can do about it anyway.

In addition to that, then, the holiday of Thanksgiving was originally the celebration of a good harvest. In their first year here, the pilgrims were operating under a communist regime, where everyone's economic output was collected by the government and then shared out. This resulted in people not working as hard as they needed to, and come winter there was a dearth of food; the next year, they went to an "everyone for himself" strategy and--lo and behold!--there was a bounty of food come harvest time. they had a feast to celebrate.

So Thanksgiving is, in fact, a celebration of capitalism and the triumph of enlightened self-interest...which is why the leftists do their damnedest to distract us with all this politically-correct bullshit.

* * *

I like this and support it wholeheartedly. Sign in gun store:
If you voted for Obama, please turn around and leave! You have proven that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm."
* * *

TSA exposes a 17-year-old during a grope-down. Somehow this girl's sundress was "accidentally" pulled down, exposing her breasts to the entire terminal.
For some reason -- Dana Loesch seems to get this problem a lot -- the TSA is pretty sure that most terrorists are attractive young women, and they're probably hiding their bombs in their vaginas and breasts.
Yeah. And they're unionized now, so you can cop as many feels as you want and you won't get fired for it. Whee!

* * *

Here's a DPUD post about a bunch of stuff, starting with the silliness claiming that humans are more stupid today than they were a thousand years ago. That's horseshit, for a variety of reasons, but I'm not going into that now.

Then it segues into a discussion of Israel defending itself from Hamas.

* * *

Best Buy is still doing poorly. How much you want to bet they'll close their doors after the holidays?

* * *

JayG on Democrats and Republicans.
The GOP will cave; of this I am certain. They don't have the guts to stand up to the Democrats and their allies in the media - they remember all too well the blame heaped upon them for the government shutdowns in the 1990s that were laid at the feet of the GOP. They'll be eager to appear willing to "compromise", which of course means complete capitulation when dealing with the Democrats.

The most infuriating thing is that these idiots don't realize that they can't win. If they do allow "the wealthy" to take it in the shorts, it's not going to fix anything and it's going to hand Obama and the Democrats a 24-point font "WE WIN" headline. This won't be publicized as the GOP making concessions to get things moving in the spirit of bipartisanship, it will be heralded as yet another example of Teleprompter Jesus's incredible leadership. Even in losing, they'll lose.
But the GOP will lose also because the GOP is not interested in winning this. The GOP wants the same things the Democrats want; they just want to be the ones writing the checks instead of Democrats.

That's why the GOP is so eager to run to the left following Romney's defeat. The GOP doesn't want conservatives in power and doesn't want fiscal responsibility any more than the Democrats want it. The GOP wants power and it wants to control the purse strings, and since spending money is power, they want to spend money. Real fiscal conservatism is anathema to that.

...which is why the big budget fight featured reductions in the rate of growth amounting to a total of $100 billion, why the budget for 2012 was still bigger than the budget for 2010, and why the law was rigged so that federal spending could continue unabated without anyone having to vote for it. The debt ceiling hikes being automatic unless Congress voted to stop them--that was pure ass-covering on the part of our legislature, giving them a way to do what they wanted to do without being held accountable for it by the voting public.

Everything going on surrounding federal spending and the deficit and the debt is pure political theater, and to make matters worse both parties are cooperating to make it happen.

* * *

Unbelievably, this Darths and Droids strip actually follows the movie.

I mean, it's the first time since they started doing Star Wars (ep 4 "A New Hope" 9_9) that they actually followed the movie.


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