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#3692: Cyber Monday in the bunker

Dinner tonight is, of course, leftovers from yesterday's feast: open-faced turkey sandwiches, with mashed potatoes, stuffing, noodles, and gravy. And green beans.

Interesting bit: since Og's recipe for turkey involves putting a sliced apple in the center, I can taste a hint of apple in the gravy. All that was left from yesterday was perhaps a quarter cup of gravy at best; I simply put that into a frying pan with a similar amount of chicken stock, then gradually added more chicken stock and Wondra until I had enough gravy for this meal. And it still tastes good!

In the "poor kitty" department, I realized a couple of weeks ago that my cat doesn't eat her food until and unless I've finished eating a meal. Once she's sure she's not getting anything from me, she goes and eats her cat food.

So, I immediately instituted a new "no treats" policy: until further notice, the cat doesn't get anything other than cat food. With the exception of yesteday (a special occasion) I've been pretty good at adhering to the new regime.

And I am reaping the harvest of that exception: she's now wandering around and meowing at me and has been since two o'clock. *sigh* Well, it's my own fault.

Me, I've been trying to fill out job applications on-line. So far today I've filled out applications for O'Reilly Auto Parts, Advance Auto, and Silliker Labs. I got as far as Best Buy when hunger and an advancing headache stopped me, so I think I'll lay off that for now and work on something less stressful.

* * *

A bunch from AoSHQ:

The Democrats, who love the filibuster when they're in the minority in the Senate, want to end it now that they're in the majority. Having established the precedent--during the Bush years--that it's perfectly Constitutional to filibuster judicial appointees, they now wish to ensure that the Republicans cannot filibuster Obama's judicial appointees.

I don't know what the Democrats are worried about. All they have to do is to have their trained poodles in the press yell "Boo!" at the GOP and they'll cave.


"Our lord and savior"??? Are you shitting me?

I think Denis Leary said it best:
Who the hell has the balls to call himself the lord of anything? ... You know what happened to the last guy that called himself "lord"? We nailed him to a tree, and we know where the hammer and nails are. We could put you up in a couple of minutes.
Even speaking in strictly political terms, Obama still ain't "lord" of anything. He's President, an elected official in a country which is still (nominally) a representative republic.

And "savior"? What the hell has he saved us from? Worrying about having jobs?

* * *

In the past week I have gotten forty-six f-ing spams from Amazon, Best Buy, K-mart, Tiger Direct, and others wanting me to look at their holiday specials. I got twenty between 11/21 and 11/23 alone!

And these are people with whom I've done business before; they're not shotgun spam ("Increase your male machine size with Viag@!" or whatever). Gazzooks.

Well, I'm too busy testing the sweets of the life myself with Vyag Rat and his band of merry hoodlums, so those guys can all go screw off.

* * *

Well, I took two ibuprofen, then ate a plate of leftovers, and one slice each of two kinds of pie. The headache I had all day is gone.

Sadly, it took all my motivation with it.

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