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#3698: I have 34,000 links today.

It's a lot, which is why this is being posted so late in the day; I finally had decent weather for working on the Jeep and I wanted to get the heater core flushed while there was still daylight.

Well, I guess 3:20 PM isn't really "late", especially for me, but when I wrote the above I expected it to take longer.

But the Jeep has heat again, at least when it's 60° outside; the air coming from the vents was nice and toasty, as warm as I have come to expect from it.

I used this procedure: suggested by Og. Interesting bit: the truck in that video is a Grand Cherokee (as opposed to the plain old Cherokee) but it still uses the 4 liter I6. I guess the V8 was an option.

Where he used vise grips to clamp off the air hose, though, I used the compressor's regulator knob to control airflow into the hose. This way, I avoided the problems "Eric the Car Guy" has around 4:40 in his video.

And man, the gunk coming out of that hose was nasty.

Like in the video I used CLR, and after letting it sit for a few minutes I realized that it's not good to use on brass or aluminum, so I blew it out and then moved on to the next phase, which was flushing with water. I'd made a garden hose adapter, and plumbed that in, and holy crap was the water that came out of that thing nasty. Big flakes of rust, the water changing all sorts of weird colors ranging from puke green to rust red; finally it settled down as nice clear water again. I let it run a bit longer, shut off the hose, blew out as much water as I could, and then filled the thing with antifreeze. (50/50 mix.) Reconnected hoses, started engine, let 'er run...and when the temp gauge was on 210 the air was blowing hot.

Best part: with going to the store for supplies on the motorcycle, and taking an extended ride afterwards, and finally hanging up my paper towel holder so I don't have to leave the roll on my workbench, I was still done before 3:30.

The only thing now is the acid test: does it blow hot when it's frickin' cold outside? I'd wager it will. Hoody hoo.

* * *

Krugman, who styles himself an economist, thinks US default can't happen. Well, I suppose he's right; as long as we can continue to run the money machines at "emergency maximum", we don't have to default. Instead of defaulting we can inflate the currency into toilet paper and then pay off our debt with dollars that are essentially worthless.

The result would be the same, of course: no one would ever lend us money again.

* * *

Teacher plays pro-gay song, gets suspended. Well, that's unusual. Ordinarily the teacher would get in trouble for playing an anti- gay song. This really is a "man bites dog" story.

* * *

Disabled infants being dehydrated to death.

Why be upset? It's just another form of late-term abortion. The babies in question aren't viable outside the womb for this or that reason, and the National Health Service has limited resources, so it's only reasonable to let them expire, right? I mean, the money spent on keeping those disabled babies alive is just going to be wasted when they die anyway, so--


...sorry, I can't keep that up. This is incredibly barbaric and evil. Giving them fatal doses of sodium pentathol--as evil as that would be--would be kinder than letting them die of dehydration.

History is pretty explicit on this: any culture that kills its own children is doomed.

* * *

You only loot the bodies in RPGs, not in real life, Trooper Dickhead. The victim of a fatal crash ends up being looted for jewelry and money by the cop who dealt with the accident scene. Said cop earns a base salary of $80,000 per year and made $112,000 with overtime last year.

* * *

The spending cuts never happen. This is the deal always offered by the Government Party: "Give us our tax increases now, and we promise-pinky-swear that we'll cut spending later on."

...and as I said, those spending cuts never happen. TEFRA in 1986 was a similar deal. There was supposed to be $1 cut from the budget for every new $1 in taxes.

Instead, spending increased by $1.50 for each new tax dollar.

The article quotes Newt Gingrich, who has the strategy right. Look, that guy would make an awful President, but I'd love to see him back in charge of the House of Representatives....

* * *

How often do we go through this nonsense? Congress wants to issue dollar coins and end the issue of paper dollars, because paper dollars wear out so fast. And every time this comes up the measure is defeated.

Dollar bills wear out so quickly because they're useful. And who's going to want to carry around a pocketful of dollar coins? Every time they've tried introducing dollar coins, they've been met with tepid response. Nobody wants this except government bureaucrats.

Here's an idea, Congress: instead of trying to find penny-ante nickle-and-dime shit to cut, why don't you go after the real waste and fraud in government? You can start by eliminating the TSA and let the airlines pay for their own damned security.

* * *

Borepatch says it best: "he climate seems to be mocking the climate scientists."

Because the "global warming" that they say is real, man-made, and happening now...well, it's not "happening now", and hasn't been since 1998, and no one knows why.

Except, gee, the sun has been acting awfully anemic lately....

* * *

It's true that you can't live on $7.25 an hour in New York City. I'm not sure that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is the way to fix the problem, though. That's a recipe for reduced employment for unskilled workers.

* * *

A rapper named "Killer Mike" blames Ronald Reagan for...well...everything. Yes, Reagan ordered the CIA to bring crack into black communities. Also, he ordered the development of HIV as a biological weapon to use against gays and blacks in the hopes they would all die. Furthermore, Reagan was always going out at night and beating up bums and taking their food, then returning to the White House and eating it. "Hmm, boy! This can of beans sure tastes good SINCE I STOLE IT FROM A STARVING MAN!" It was especially cool the way Ronald Reagan assassinated John Lennon and framed that other guy for the murder.

And man! When he sneaked into Three Mile Island and set up the reactor to blow? Pure awesome! That was almost as cool as the way he got Iran to take all those hostages and then release them the day before he was inaugurated.

Man, I miss Ronald Reagan.

* * *

So, Mr. Hank "Guam may tip over" Johnson wants to curtail the right of freedom of expression.


* * *

40-year-old oyster business evicted by executive fiat. And so, unemployment goes up again.

* * *

Mitch McConnell treated Obama's suggestion with the derision it deserved. Obama's offer approximates, "Give me everything I want and maybe I'll think about considering letting you have some of the things you want."

He may be laughing at the brazenness, but why should Obama mince words? His re-election has the Republicans playing his game and falling all over themselves to cave to Democrats.

* * *

Karl Denninger reminds us "Greece is NOT Saved". "[W]hen you get down to it the bottom line here is that they can't pay." That's pretty much the long and the short of it; Greece is out of money and cannot pay back what it borrowed. Everything that the Europeans have been doing for the past couple of years has been meant to disguise that fact, to keep it from becoming so apparent that no one can continue to pretend it's not the case.

* * *

WW2 aircraft, still crated and protected against corrosion, found in Burma. Or, at least, they think they found them. Buried treasure! Whee!

* * *

"Jag Rag"?

I love how people apparently don't think to use Google to check up on their ideas before going ahead with them. Five seconds with the most ubiquitous search engine in existence would have told them why calling their special towel a "jag rag" was a bad idea, but no...

Hell, every teenage boy has a "jag rag". At least one. Were there no men at all involved with this project?


* * *

And no it's not a hairy palm. Leave me alone.

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