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#3699: I have ONE link today.

Feast or famine! That's the life of a bloggerator!

Today I have plans, though.

Step 1: Go to Harbor Freight for packing tape. Lemonzen is going to be moving soon, and she needs packing tape, and they have six rolls with dispenser for $9, which is a hell of lot better than paying $3 for one roll at Walgreen's.

Step 2: Grocery shopping. I'm out of some stuff, most notably Pepsi, cat plates (ie small disposable plates), ham, Dixie cups, toilet paper, and Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. (I'm not sure but I think that's my whole shopping list. Wow.)

Step 3: Souper Supper at the church around 5:30. This is "small town Christmas festival" weekend here in the Fungal Vale, so there are various events going on. And that leads to

Step 4: Christmas Parade at 6:30.

If the weather holds I might ride the motorcycle rather than taking the Jeep. In prior years I walked; last year I drove only because my nephew was with me and we went to Souper Supper directly from VHQ, where we'd been doing various fun things.

I'm hoping "20% chance of rain" actually means it won't rain on their parade, literally, but we'll have to see what happens. I'm going to bring an umbrella, just in case.

* * *

This story does not exactly dispel the myth that men go into education because they're pedophiles. The principal of the school commandeers a laptop meant for a student and searches for the chylde pr0n0s with it--how stupid can someone be?

Look: if you're going to set out to break the law--and you're going to break a law that's going to end your career and make you into an outcast--maybe you should take a few precautions, you know? Like maybe buying a computer specifically for downloading your contraband, and taking other steps to hide your identity. Be like the idiots on 4chan and hide "behind six proxies!" and stuff.

To just grab a laptop off the stack of student laptops and use it--why on Earth did he think that was a good idea? To give himself plausible deniability? "Oh, it wasn't my stuff! No, I just happened to use the laptop and that stuff was on there...." "Sir, the time and date stamp on the file show it was downloaded in July." *sigh*

Moral of the story: regardless of what you plan to use it for, if you get a used computer, take its hard drive out and throw it away, and install a new one. You don't know what crap is installed on the damned thing.

Your other alternative is to make a bootable CD with DOS 6.0 on it. Let the machine boot to a command prompt, then run FDISK and "erase all partitions". That removes everything from the boot sector, and to an OS install program it looks as if you're starting with a brand new hard drive. (It should go without saying that THIS WILL MAKE EVERYTHING ON THE DISK INACCESSIBLE unless you're a master hacker, so if you do this and lose data you didn't back up, don't come crying to me.)

(Yes, there are other ways. Linux, etc, yada yada. I know DOS, though, and I know how it works. Linux, not so much.)

* * *

Hard to believe that I've done 100 Garfield Without Garfield strips since about this time last year:

That's #100 right there, but there are about a dozen or so which I haven't posted here yet.

Let's do a couple more today:


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