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#3701: Titles always were my weak point.

I just can't keep coming up with unique titles every time I've got nothing to bloggerate on but one link and the travails of daily life in the Fungal Vale.

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Advice Goddess on corporate welfare. Giving large corporations tax breaks to get them to remain in your area smacks of a kind of inverse bill of attainder: you're giving one specific entity a break in the (usually confiscatory) tax rates levied on businesses in order to get that entity to remain within your purview. The theory is that the jobs are more important--and generate more tax revenue for your government--than the tax revenue you'd get from the business' income itself.

It ends up tossing "equal protection under the law" out the airlock, too. Smaller employers don't get the cozy reduced tax rates or other "incentives" that the large businesses get. And I put it in quotes because that's an awful nice word; used to be we'd call that what it is: a bribe. "Please don't leave my district/state/county, Mr. Corporation! Please! I don't want to have to work for a living...."

And the simple reality is that if your state (say, like Illinois) has such confiscatory business taxes that corporations find it more profitable to move--with all the chaos and expense that entails--perhaps it's a sign that you should reduce the taxes on everyone rather than pick special winners.

I have no sympathy for these places that gave GM special tax breaks to remain, only to get stiffed anyway. I have no sympathy because giving a big corporation special tax breaks is wrong, the same way it'd be wrong if some powerful state politician's best buddy was getting a special tax break. Only the reason differs, not the result.

I have no sympathy because, guess what, the corporation is going to throw its weight around and threaten to move away if it's not given "incentives" to remain. As long as such special treatment is on the table anywhere the corporations will have that ability.

I have no sympathy because maybe your tax rates are too goddamned high and you should lower them for everyone, and then--shazam!--you might not need GM to remain.

This is always the result of the Democrat model being emplaced, and everyone is always utterly gobsmacked when corporations decide to vote with their feet--as if companies were trees, and the bigger they grow the more roots they have, and can't move once they reach a certain size.

Democrats are always surprised when people and corporations decide to move (or take other action) to escape confiscatory taxes. Then they whine and complain about how "unfair" it is that the evil rich and/or corporations don't hang around and let themselves be raped quietly.

* * *

Looks like I have good temperatures for riding the motorcycle through Tuesday, anyway. "Chance of snow" Friday night, but then rain later on, so it's not going to be getting "winter cold" just yet.

Probably a "brown/green" Christmas this year, then. Well, I'm old enough not to get bent out of shape over it. Besides--the more it snows this winter, the less I can ride my motorcycle.

* * *

I've got three hard-boiled eggs cooling in the sink. In a few minutes I'm going to hit the kitchen and make turkey salad, and then I'm going to have a couple nice turkey salad sandwiches.

* * *

And another home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield:


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