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#3702: Eco-nazis are terrorists too

ELF and ALF, I mean. The Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front, are a bunch of terrorists.

Weer'd presents this in the context of anti-gun-nuts who of course do not figure ALF and ELF to be terrorists, domestic or otherwise, because the eco-nazis are on the same side as the gun nazis.

An easy way to tell which way an organization leans, politically, is to look at its name. These organizations will tell you what they are about based solely on what they call themselves, regardless of what their PR people say they want.

"Liberation Front" is a big, flashing red sign that screams COMMUNIST TERRORISTS. Don't care what their claimed raison d'etre is; any time you see a group called the anything "Liberation Front</i> they're communists of one stripe or another and they fancy themselves guerillas fighting an "asymmetrical war" against the Fascist Capitalist Imperialist pigs.

"Liberation" anything, actually; some of them have just enough self-awareness that they don't wish to telegraph their true aims. This is why so many leftists favor Palestine. The Palestinian separatists mix it up a bit by calling themselves the "Palestine Liberation Organization" but make no mistake about it: they're commies. The only thing they're here to "liberate" is the reins of power, so they can take over and rule with an iron fist.

Anyone who refers to their political enemies as "pigs" or "swine" generally is a communist. The feminist movement shows its true colors when referring to "male chauvenist pigs".

The amazing thing about the left is how well its playbook works considering how f-ing old it is. It has not changed significantly since the 1930s, and it only changed then because Hitler used some of their choicest maneuvers and then turned out to be the exemplar of evil for the 20th century. If Hitler hadn't been such a maniac, the left would still revere him as they did in the 1930s, before he attacked the USSR, thus earning their eternal hatred.

* * *

Speaking of which, Borepatch talks about how Britain's National Health Service is killing babies.

Specifically, it turns out that:
...the NHS pays a bounty for patients killed - killed not by removing medical treatment, but by removing food and water in an agonizing death by starvation and dehydration. To date, the bounties paid are estimated as being £20 Million.
Sick and evil, and there's no two ways about it.

* * *


Wow, I totally forgot I hadn't finished this.

I got up and hit the shower, then rode the motorcycle to SuperCuts for a much-needed lowering of the ears. After that, I stopped at the parts store for oil; I dropped the oil at home and then went to the grocery store for ham and bread, and also bought half a pound of cole slaw; got home with that, used up the turkey salad, and ate breakfast.

Then I hied myself out to the driveway and changed the oil and filter in the motorcycle. The oil I drained from the crankcase was black and runny enough that it was due for changing, and I figured that the filter could use changing, too.

Lemonzen arrived while I was finishing that project, and she'd brought dinner to boot. There was a brief pause while I pulled the spark plugs and checked their gaps. Oh, Og gapped them, so I knew they were right, but wanted to see what the plugs looked like. Center electrodes had perfect light coatings of tan carbon on them; the perimeter of the plugs had light coatings of black carbon. Odd, but not indicative of any problems that I'm aware of.

So Lemonzen and I had a very nice visit.

* * *

GOP's at it again with their "fiscal conservatism" kabuki theater.

Boehner proposes cutting $220 billion per year from a budget that features a $1,300 billion annual deficit. Net result: a budget that features a $1,080 annual deficit.

Karl Denninger calls it "abject fraud" and it's hard to find fault with that description.

As I said, the GOP isn't interested in cutting the budget any more than the Democrats are.

* * *

Another home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield:


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