atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3706: And I don't have heat after all.

That's the other thing I was forgetting. When I went out last night around 11 PM to get food, it was cold enough that I turned on the heat in the Jeep...and it petered out to "slightly warm" after being on high for thirty seconds.

So I get to flush the heater core again.

I can only suppose that--because it was over 50 outside when I did the job--the air was hot because it didn't have to be warmed very much, and (as I feared) when the air is cold the heater doesn't flow enough coolant to get it hot.

So: I'll go buy another jug of CLR and I'll do the procedure again, letting the CLR soak longer and using more pressure both in the air phase and the water phase.

And it looks like I'd better do it tomorrow, because after that it's rain, cold, rain, cold, SNOW. Argh etc. Well, I don't have to like it; I just have to do it. Otherwise I'll be doing it in freezing temperatures.

* * *

Right now I guess I better make some movement that will result in dinner. Those McRibs I had this afternoon were pretty good, but I'm starting to get hungry again and I'm not going to go get more of them. Six McRibs in 24 hours is a bit much.

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