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#3708: "--TRIP TO THE MOON!!!"

"The idea that someone could just trundle in a wheelbarrow full of cash and go was almost more than I could stand." Quoted from memory from my all-time favorite book so it may not be an exact quote; it gets the gist quite nicely.

Trips to the moon. For ordinary people, not hand-picked NASA supermen.

...eventually. Right now they're not even to the "wheelbarrow full of cash" stage; this is a company saying they intend to offer "wheelbarrow full of cash" trips to the moon, someday.

But you know what it means: it means that someday you'll be able to take a trip to the moon for vacation.

For damned sure NASA ain't gonna get us there.

NASA has two really big problems. The first is funding: where NASA's budget has kept pace with inflation, it has not seen any increases the way other government programs have. Typical DC budgeting assumes that every new budget will take the last year's budget and add 10%; if that 10% increase is reduced politicians then refer to that as a "cut", even though the actual number of dollars being spent increases. (Here in the real world we refer to this kind of mental acrobatics as "delusional". Then again, these are the same guys who think you can spend in deficit approximately forever, without consequence.)

NASA's budget is a rounding error in the federal leviathan; they could double it and no one would notice.

Quoth the article, "The report lists four primary areas that should be NASA's focus: manned spaceflight, Earth and space science, aeronautics, and technology development." "Earth science" is code for "global warming research" because that's all we ever hear from NASA's Earth Science people. Top warmista James Hansen runs that bailiwick; need I say more?

The other three are more traditional NASA foci. "Technology development" could and should be eliminated, same as "Earth science", because there are plenty of places out there that do exactly that. NASA should be in the business of building new spacecraft and flying them, not trying to find ways to make a hypersonic wing that won't melt. NASA should therefore be going to Lockheed or Rockwell and say, "We need a liquid-fueled rocket engine which produces X many newtons of thrust for Y much fuel, and it must be reusable. We will pay Z dollars for each unit," rather than developing its own engines.

NASA's unmanned program is, pun intended, stellar. It's the one thing in their purview that they do 100% correctly.

The other problem is that NASA is a government program. It won't be fixed and it won't get us back to the moon.

* * *

AMD is slowing production of ICs. "Windows 8 and the holidays have failed to give PC makers the usual yearly bump in sales," begins the article, but I don't think that's it. So what do I think it is?

NO ONE HAS A FREAKING JOB AND NO ONE HAS ANY FREAKING MONEY FOR COMPUTERS. That's why computer sales aren't doing so hot.

* * *

You spent $116,000 to send Malia Obama to Mexico for her spring break.
n March 19,2012, numerous online press outlets reported that the president’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, was on a Spring Break trip to Mexico accompanied by 25 U.S. Secret Service Agents and as many as 12 of her friends.
Malia Obama, a dozen of her friends, and all the SS personnel required to see to it that none of them were shot by the drug gangs that Obama's Justice Department armed with guns from "Fast and Furious".

What did your 13-year-old get to do for spring break? Did he get a fancy week-long trip to Mexico with twelve of his friends, supervised by armed security guards? Can you afford to do that kind of thing for your kids?

* * *

So apparently that story about that girl with severe cerebral palsy, who was taken from her mother and dumped in a nursing home five hours from home, didn't happen, because the State of Florida says it didn't. And we shouldn't be focusing on this kind of event, anyway, oh no! After all, it's not the state's fault that girl died. They took her to a nursing home which was inspected and licensed by the state, and the nursing home failed to provide proper care. "Let’s focus on the poor-performing [extended care] providers to bring them up or get them out of the system."

My true feelings about this kind of thing would probably get me put on Obama's enemies list, so I'm just going to shut up now.

* * *

You may laugh about that last, but Big Brother is watching you too.

Borepatch makes a great point:
Nobody argues that the First Amendment doesn't apply to offset printing, or the Internet, or twitter or email. It's understood that speech is speech, no matter the form. The question then is whether government surveillance is government surveillance no matter the form it takes - agents skulking by the window or reaper drones at 10,000 feet.
Simply put, there is no difference. We have allowed government too much latitude in its surveillance of us, and getting our privacy back is going to take some doing.

* * *

Red Asner did a voiceover for a communist video being shown to children in which a rich man pisses on poor people. Red Asner himself claims he doesn't remember what he said in his voiceover, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that.

See, Red Asner was a TV actor for years, and if you know anything about how TV shows are produced you know that they shoot a ton of different scripts at the same time. Actors learn to remember their lines just long enough to get them in the can, and then forget them so they can learn new ones. I have no doubt that Red Asner was reading from a script when he did the voiceover for the communist propaganda cartoon, and promptly forgot what he'd read before he'd even left the recording studio.

(Heck--the song we did in choir last week? I can remember the notes but not the words. I have the sheet music in front of me when I'm singing; I don't need to remember the words.)

Regardless, though, Red Asner is a very rich man--so wealthy that the annual dividends and interest from his assets total many times the money you will make in your lifetime--and I'd bet money he has accountants and lawyers who help him avoid paying as much tax as he can.

Gee, a hypocrite communist. Who would have expected that?

* * *

I'm of two minds regarding dinner.

Mind 1: McRib. Ohh yeah.

Mind 2: Pizza.

...the latter is more cost-effective, because two McRibs is $6 and one pizza is $13, but I get at least two meals from it.

Hell with it: pizza it is.

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