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#3709: Two weeks from now is Christmas weekend

I can hardly believe it.

* * *

Vox Day on the Mayan Calendar.
I suppose it's not totally impossible that a group of people who spent centuries dragging heavy things from point A to point B because the concept of an "axle" was beyond every single one of them had some means of calculating the World Reboot, but I am a little dubious, to say the least.
I have a "perpetual" calendar on my desk. It's good until December 31, 2039. This does not mean that I think the world will end in 2039.

One commentor said, "Odd how they failed to predict the collapse of their own civilization or the coming of the Conquistadors." Guess that part wasn't important compared to THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!111ELEVENTY

* * *

Borepatch called the 2012 election in 2011, and even got the reasons right. "[The GOP would] rather throw an election than give up their perks and opportunities for filthy lucre."


* * *

Take a gander at "6. The Strange Ability of Global Warming".

Since 2005, 1996 has been becoming hotter, and the 1880s have been getting colder. Michael Flynn observes that we're all going to die.

* * *

ROTC girls are cheerleaders at the Army-Navy game. Which is probably why they don't have any tits: they're exercising strenuously every day and have very, very low BMI numbers.

...somehow I don't think the one guy in those pics is going to be serving in the military. WTF, "2nd Lieutenant Benjamin Franklin" does not have much of a ring to it. Besides, old Ben was a lover, not a fighter.

* * *

So I've been looking at the bunker and trying to figure out where to put things.

I do want to convert Mom's room into a computer room. Since I've got El-Hazard here in my room, I can use that for watching anime on the blab slab even after I move my computer desk into Mom's room. But then, why not put the blab slab into the family room, and move my rocking chair in there, and--holy shit!--use my bedroom solely as a room for sleeping?

Regardless, I have tasks to attend to. I do want to get Mom's clothing sorted and donated before the end of the year. There's a dresser in the basement I'm going to throw out, because it's never going to be used for anything and while it could be repaired it probably would cost more than the thing is worth. The damned drawers don't slide, and when I try to open any of them, the front and sides of the drawer come out but the back and bottom do not.

It's really hard to believe that I've come this far. I've put off doing anything with Mom's stuff because it was just too hard. We're coming up on the second anniversary of her death--it's Thursday of next week--and I'm finally able to sort through her things without collapsing into a sad little puddle. The last time I worked on her room I managed to get another bag of trash out of there, and that included going through her chest of drawers and sorting the contents into "donate" and "throw away" piles. You can't donate underwear, and no one in my family is going to want it, so why keep it?

Now the only thing keeping me from finishing the job is inertia.

It'd be nice to have the bunker reconfigured to spec before the holidays, but it's not the way to bet. Oh well.

* * *

As for me, I've finally gotten my head out of my ass and ordered a trailer wiring kit for the Jeep. I only had the hitch installed in 2010....

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