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#3711: Chicken stuff--now with carrots!

Xanax coma today. Although I was tired after church, my "fight or flight" reflex had other ideas and I was laying in bed yawning with fatigue even as my heart was pounding. *sigh* Knowing this tune intimately, I got up and tried taking half a tab, but it wasn't enough, so I got back up and took the other half. Then I was able to sleep, of course.

I was up long enough to feed the cat around 5-ish, but went back to bed and slept until it was almost 9. Which is why I'm having my second meal of the day at 10:30 PM.

Chicken stuff works just as well if you use a 14-oz can of french-cut green beans (instead of one of the small cans) and a similar-size can of carrots. The carrot, in fact, adds much-needed color to the dish since the beans generally blend into the "beige/beige/brown" of the Rice-a-Roni with chicken. And the vitamin A and beta carotene add essential nutrition, though I'm not sure how much of that remains after you've cooked carrots to death and canned them.

* * *

Attention whore attending Berkeley thinks she has discovered sex for the first time in human history. Heinlein made the observation that every generation thinks it invented sex, and I doubt he was actually the first person to notice this phenomenon.

Her parents must be so proud of her. *rolleyes*

* * *

As I write this, I am eating the third to the last piece of candy left over from Halloween. Just in time for Christmas candy! Also pies, Cinnabons, eggnog....

* * *

And so, now I go to my work: cleaning Mom's room to convert it into COMPUTER CENTRAL.... And other things. Whee!

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